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Liquid Ooze

Uhm hi I draw also sometimes? Actually a lot of the time so I will just post some recent pokemon art because if I posted more it would crash the board. Eheh.

Show Contentdragonite:

Show Contentlugia:

Show Contentumbreon:

Show Contentmurkrow stuff:

Show Contentmeganium:

Show Contentferaligatr:

OKAY that's all for now sorry for your time.

... wow. o.o
You are really good at this. xD
I particularly like the fanart for the fic you did there - makes me want to go read it!
[Image: tumblr_m6hd8jjbxc1qmo1ubo1_400.gif]
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Thank you!! You should go read it, it's the best pokemon fic no bias u_u haha I'm just rereading it now for like, the 10th time or something... That fanart is from really close to the end so it's just a bit spoilery but aahaha you should still read it :D

Also just uh so this isn't too spammy here's. Another pic?? ?_?

Show Contentcharizard:

Wow, nice work. You obviously know what you're doing! I especially enjoy the cel-shaded Johto starters, and yes I agree you should do Typhlosion. And maybe every other starter while you're at it, because those are completely awesome!

The Lugia one is also really cool with the shading and the light/shadow effects. What bothers me a bit about the picture is how Lugia's wind-hand thingies look so... hand-like, I guess? It might be intentional, since they are very hand-like after all, but it just strikes me as odd about the picture somehow. Likewise, the sense light and shadow on the Charizard one is superb. You really know what you're doing with colors. Awesome stuff.

Also, an unrelated question: why does Dragonite have 4 fingers and toes? It caught my eye and I just started wondering about it... xD
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Thank you! I agree about the lugia handwings. I think originally I wanted to sort of interpret the wings more handlike but also making them cool, idk, but I lost energy somewhere and just flubbed it. 9_9 siiigh. Thank you about the colours! I love playing with colours.

I don't know if I really want to do one of all the starters because the gen 5 starters are icky. I also don't like some of the other starters but. Maybe I'll do of the starters I do like haha.

Uhm, I think I'm just used to giving things four fingers/toes and drawing three fingers/toes looks weird to me haha. I don't think I even noticed!

And here's a simply coloured sketch just. Idk.

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