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Number of Characters / Alts

So, I wanted to bring this up in its own thread as soon as possible. Yay or nay for alts? We've already heard opinions for and against alts in the original planning thread, but it would be good to settle on some kind of consensus for the rules regarding this. So, basically, the burning questions are the following:

1. Should alt characters be allowed? If so, how many should the limit be? Does the player need to earn the right to have alt characters? Or, is the limit always one character, with starting from scratch allowed at any time?

2. Do perks and cool things (points, Pokémon, items, possible accomplishments) transfer between characters? Should there be a limit? How would we treat these in the case of starting a character from scratch?

What do you think?
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I'd be fine with or without alts, and even with alts I definitely agree that there should be one main character that a player's attention should be devoted to (rather than fragmented between five different characters such that the player doesn't get attached to any of them, etc.). If alts are implemented, I wouldn't think players really need more than one major alt, but I'm sort of interested in the idea of minor alts—not necessarily full-fledged things that distract you from your main, but just the opportunity for quick, impermanent characters when you just want a quick break to try something new. They'd be deemphasized... somehow, and possibly a little limited in the types of dungeons or activities they could participate in; maybe any items or things they gain would somehow transfer over to the main character so that the main is still the only one that can be properly customized and built up, or maybe nothing would transfer at all. Might not be a terrible idea to make the minor alts a privilege that needs to be earned as well, just to ensure that you have some time to work on your main and so are less likely to jump ship entirely.

How exactly these characters would be deemphasized is up for discussion, since at the moment I don't have any ideas. More importantly, it'll probably depend (as so many things will) on how characters and dungeons are implemented in the first place—once we know exactly what makes a character in terms of stats, skills, pokémon collection, etc., we'll better know what can be limited and how. (S'pose I'll hop in on that discussion next, heh.)

Either way, I think a player should be permitted to start their main character(s) over without penalty at any time. I saw someone in the original thread suggest that maybe you would get to keep just a few things from the old character, maybe one or two pokémon and a few items, for example, and I don't think that's a terrible idea either.
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I feel like if there are going to be multiple characters, then there should be a good solid rule set on how they work.

- There is a hard limit of how many characters per player (3 seems like a good number, but that's just me)

- Each character slot has to be earned by proving you could reliably handle one character. This is a common thing on RP boards, because nobody likes that guy that makes ten characters and then never posts

- Character slots could be purchased (rewards high activity?) after the player has proven reliable

- Wiping a character would be an issue for me tbh - if this is going to be even a little RPish, then surely any relationships or storylines that character is a part of will be affected. So, perhaps some rules on that.

- A character starting from a wiped character should be allowed some carry over, but only if the user has followed the guidelines above. A bit like having a bond on your rental home - if the house isn't in good condition when you leave, you don't get that money back.

I really like the idea of multiple characters, especially if we're going to have different classes and play styles! I just think we have to be quite strict about it, and make sure nobody's getting in over their head.

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