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Pokémon Phoenixart


uuuhhh so most of what I do these days is Sugimori-style fakemon for my silly fakedex site; might post a few of those later, I guess? Right now I guess I'll start with some of my tablet practice stuff, primarily done using a program called MyPaint. (The sketches are usually done on paper, save for the most recent ones at the bottom which I did sketch in MyPaint itself.)

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Just linking to this next one to comply with this particular forum's request to not eat into their bandwidth by hotlinking it (and also hey, if you've got a slow connection then at least this one won't contribute to the thread loading time!): go away Nihal

This un's from an RP forum with lots of really nifty fakemon (none of them my creations, before you ask). The large dragony fellow is a marake, a water/dragon-type I've been using for the better part of my current adventure over there; his name is Eridanus, and he's usually a pretty chill giant scary sea monster guy. I guess he's not feeling too chill at the moment, though, because apparently he is currently attacking my plusle, Nihal (whom you can kinda-sorta-see if you squint and turn your head). No, don't worry, my plusle is a jerk. I'm sure she deserves it.

The background is halfassed, but I wasn't trying to make it pretty, so.

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Comments and criticism more than welcome, by the way!

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Wow, these are amazing. I love your style and how it's a little bit sketchy, if that makes sense. It gives the drawings a sort of water color flair, which I really enjoy in both digital and traditional art. Plus, despite the arguably un-polished look of the lineart (which I personally prefer to super-polished, actually), you haven't really held back on the details, which is always commendable.

In the last picture, the water is also completely amazing. I want to learn how to digitally paint water like that *_* You seem to have a really good grasp of colors and shading. And I can't really come up with any critical comment on what you should improve, so there.

Awesome work. Looking forward to seeing you post more things! :3
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Agreed with Anni, and disagreed with your notes about not being able to draw water; looks pretty good to me! Then again I wouldn't know the first thing about that, haha.

The Blaziken is great with the colouring and also the active pose there; I do karate so I guess I like seeing the such though. At any rate that kick is fairly decently done. And the Pidgey/Feraligatr picture is pretty amusing as well. I think you portrayed those expressions quite well.

And how you did that Keldeo picture in under three hours is also darn impressive. o_o Also looking forward to seeing more. (And on that note you should add these to the fandex so it gets some love again. =p)
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