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MyBB Themes

I just figured this fit better here than Announcements, as people are more likely to participate in here!

Hi guys. As you'll be aware, we recently migrated the forum from vBulletin to MyBB for a number of reasons. But you can read about those in the other thread, so I won't go into them. We're here, and now I have the following questions:

What themes did you like on vBulletin, which did you use the most, and which would you not miss? You can look at them here.

We're obviously running the new version of Sohnano? on here, though as you can see, it's considerably darker than the original. That's cool though, it's nice and easy to read. We also have the default MyBB theme if you want to use it.

Now, as you might guess, I have to remake the themes for this board. It's not hard, but it is tedious, so I'm asking which themes you want most/first and which we can leave behind! And, well, requests I suppose, but I'd love to tackle the existing ones first.

FYI, you can change your forum theme here in the User CP. I am also having a go at recreating the Sentret & Furret theme to get used to the style system, but it's only available to admins while it's a horrible mess. :P

Discussion, questions and suggestions encouraged. I'll be back in about eight hours to answer anything!
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I really like the April Fools one, so it would be nice a My BB version of it is available.
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I used this one so I'm already set, although might try others if they change a bit. I did like the april fools one though. =p

Also can try to help with some theme conversions tomorrow night if I have time.
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I could try to dabble on making a lighter version of this theme for those with an aversion to darker themes, since currently the only light theme we have is the default, and the Sentret one isn't as neutral. I figured I'd try to do that before I try my hand at any actual themes, because I imagine it would be easier... But yeah, I can try to help with theme conversions, definitely.

As long as I have my brown-green Sentret theme, though, I'm personally all set.

Edit: it is only now that I realize my avatar/sig theme is completely the opposite color of the forum theme xD
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