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Writing Resources

This thread doesn't look like much yet, but we can change that pretty quickly if we want. It's here for the purpose of collecting useful links for writers. For instance, if you happen to know a particularly good thesaurus site, or a treasury on spelling homophones, or a very nice program for writing, you should post in this thread telling about it and I'll add the link to this post!

Please remember that we won't put up any links for non-legit versions of any programs or any similarly illegal content!

General Writing Help
If you need help structuring your story, figuring out what counts as a prologue, or are at a loss on how to actually start putting the story in your head into words, these are the links most likely to help you out.

Purdue Online Writing Lab - useful information on various aspects of writing, but no fiction-specific section. on Fiction Writing - specific to fiction writing, but a little disorganized
Fiction Factor - another fiction-specific site with many topics to choose from!

Spelling, Dictionaries & Thesauruses
Sometimes each and every one of us forgets that one word that would be perfect for the scene we're writing, or maybe just how to spell that word. For those times, there are dictionaries and thesauruses - and don't forget to spell check the whole thing when you're done! - a handy online spell check
Orangoo Spell Check - another online spell check
Rhyme Zone - a rhyming dictionary, useful for poetry purposes and more

The Free Dictionary - an extensive dictionary and thesaurus conveniently online

Where does the comma go again? Do I want "their" or "there" here? What does this word "adjective" actually mean? Here are some links that will help you answer those questions.

Purdue OWL: Grammar - a very extensive grammar guide
Purdue OWL: Punctuation - the same, but on punctuation

Programs to Use
Sometimes the programs your computer has pre-installed either aren't enough or simply don't strike your fancy. Here's a list of other programs you can get for all those writing needs!

Open Office - a free, open-source office suite with many useful features, like spell-checks, and some features that are meant for people writing official documents and that can be annoying for a fiction writer
yWriter - a free program intended for novelists. Works very well for chaptered fiction and NaNoWriMo! Windows and Linux only, though.

It's not just straight-out writing that you need to do when you're a writer posting your things online. Useful links that don't fall into the categories above, for instance about reviewing or advertising, go under this heading.

Reviewing 101 - Jax's excellent guide into reviewing
To Writers - a guide to reviews for those in the receiving end, again by Jax
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I'd like to suggest a few Tumblr resources if I may.

Some other ones...
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