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[Writing] - How do you deal with writer's block?

Simple enough question: how do you deal with writer's block? I personally hate when writer's block strikes (and for me it, unfortunately, seems to do so quite often) and to counter it I like to just take a break from writing for a bit, and when I come back if I still find it hard to write, I'll open up a new document and just write, even if it's awful, a short, random story - just whatever comes to mind, I write it down - which involves my characters.
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I take breaks, listen to music or just buckle down, switch off internet and deal with other potential distractions and get something done, that being something at least somewhat relevant to what I want to write.
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Some of the most effective things I can recommend are:

a) If you listen to music a lot, find some new stuff you enjoy. Listening to old music over and over again seems to make me stall when I write.
b) Read! A lot! Especially stuff you enjoy!
c) Actually, absorbing creative content in general seems to be the best possible counter to writer's block. Creative engines need fuel: it's difficult for anything to flow out when nothing's flowing in.
d) Rainymood. Trust me.
e) When all else fails, take a walk! Experiencing the world around you works wonders for idea generation.

Ahh, Rainymood. Now there's a useful website. I personally can't listen to music when I write, it completely distracts me. But Rainymood, it covers up my family's noisiness and really helps me focus on the task at hand, in this case writing.

Another thing is to read things I've previously written. It works best if it's stuff that falls between "so recent I think it sucks" and "so old it legitimately sucks". It fills me with faith in my skills and the wish to finish what I've started for once, dang it.

Generally, though, I don't have writer's block. I have concentration issues, yes. My brain is completely scattered and it's nearly impossible to start concentrating on writing for long enough to get a continuous paragraph on the page. Regardless, I still know what's going to happen, what I want to do with it, and how my characters are going to react. It's really just a matter of closing my browser and all communicatey programs and simply buckling down and writing it. Sometimes it starts out really clumsy and unfortunate-sounding, but you can always go back and edit.

That's also a good policy to keep in mind. You can always go back and edit to make it the best story ever written. However, you're going to need something to edit first!
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Like Anni, I too sometimes have a hard time concentrating. However, I just write whatever's on my mind and worry about making it better later as there's always the editing process. If I feel stuck or unmotivated, though, I tend to read some works from others or my own to get myself in the writing mood again and music tends to help. Sometimes I take a break from writing from a day or two and then slowly come back.
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