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Tags and Categories - Important!

So, as we are slowly posting more entries on the magazine, the amount of things to look through to find what you're interested increases. That's why it's very important that everyone who posts in the magazine - and uses it to find and/or read things they're interested in - uses tags and categories in a consistent manner.

Here is a guide to using categories and tags, for both those who post the content and those who are here to read it.


Categories are, as far as I am aware, created by administrators. They are intended to make finding a specific type of post easier. Our current set of categories looks like this:
  • Articles, with the subcategory Fandom
  • Fan Works (for fics, art, poetry, what have you)
  • Featured Pokémon (for the monthly articles on whichever critter is featured)
  • Humor, with the subcategory Top 5
  • Interviews, fictional and otherwise

Whoever posts an entry then chooses one or more appropriate categories to put the post under. Most of them will probably end up being under several categories, but it's super extra special important that they end up in the correct categories, and that they are not under "Uncategorized", which is a default category I can't remove from the list. This will make it infinitely easier for us to figure out what we've put up so far and for all readers to find what they want.

Please be careful when choosing categories, and if the categories for the content you've created or submitted or are about to post are unclear, discuss it with everyone before putting the content goes live on the magazine. New categories and subcategories can also be created - currently we really only have the categories we know we'll need. If you think a new one is needed, or an old one needs to go or be joined to another one, post here! It's all up for debate, as far as I am concerned.


Tags aren't quite as rigid as the categories. Anyone who can post entries can add new tags, and it's relatively easy to fuse similar tags into one from the admin panel, so inconsistent usage (for instance, typing in "fanfiction", which then becomes a separate tag from "fan fiction" or "fan writing") isn't such a big deal. It's also pretty easy to remove completely unnecessary ones, so yeah, tags aren't quite the hassle categories are.

That said, we still want to have a sensible system with the tags, and that's what I'm asking you now. (Once we come up with one, I'll put it here in the first post.) Mainly, do we want a separate tag for all Pokémon, considering there's also a search feature? Do we want a tag per character? Do we want tags for the content creators? Or should we simply have tags for the general content matter of the post (i.e. "daycare" for the interview of the Daycare Lady, "pokéballs" for a rant about pokéballs, "fan writing" for an entry with writing hints)? What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any further questions/suggestions?
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