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Looks pretty dead here but decided to join anyway cause.. wynaut? After all zombies were dead once but they come back to life. They also sometimes migrate elsewhere so maybe that is what happened. :P

I'm sure there are some other previous PFUers here but the only name that seems to have remained mostly unchanged is Jax.

Hopefully I'll remember to check back here once and a while to see if it sparks back to life cause it looked like it was a cozy little forum. At the same time what can you do when everyone is living life.. the stall of a board is bittersweet I suppose.

Or maybe I'm romanticizing the time line of an internet forum wayyyy too much.

Anyway I'm on that Sun and Moon hype. Maybe that is why I decided to give my brain cells a work out to remember what this place was called.

Also my user isn't the same as it was then as well. If I get back on I'll mention it. Guessing games are always fun right? RIGHT??? I will say if I had to describe myself then I would probably be classified as a love me or hate me type of member. I'm still similar to that but for different reasons as opposed to then. (lol)

Oh, hi and what not. Normally intros aren't a strong point whether making them or replying but I give this one a solid 6/10

Welcome, welcome. I miss the good ol' glory days of this forum, too.
I make music or something. Check it out, tell me how much it sucks or maybe doesn't. Love you~

Welp. This one was definitely my bad. ._. Side note of explanation: this is what happens when you attempt to clean up a spambot raid by deleting a metric ton of recent accounts. Idk if Dodger is still around, but, uh, feel free to re-register.
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