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Idea: The Most Powerful Move in the Game

Got this idea after browsing Reddit (which has become a guilty pleasure of mine recently, I feel like a 14-year-old ahahaha). It'll be a very technical article, but it basically breaks down what the most powerful move in the game is.

I figured it could start with something basic: the move with the highest base power is Explosion. But then it progresses by adding in elements like STAB, type effectiveness, move specialties, items, stat boosts, etc., eventually ending up to the very real possibility of being in a triple battle, changing your type via a skill-swapped Protean / moves like Soak/Trick-or-Treat, then skill swapping Huge Power, getting to +6, being boosted by two Helping Hands, and attacking a -6 Pokemon.

It'll be a very technical article, but it could be an interesting progression-type of sorts. I guess the biggest obstacle is factchecking the entire thing since there is always a possibility of move/team illegality, or worse, if a stronger move than the strongest move exists. But eh, throwing this out here.

splash attack

Wait hang on that's be a great idea for a follow up article - the worst move. Splash does nothig, but is that worse than moves which kill yourself? Not in all situations! And it does something in contests. :V

Anyways, I like this idea. I say go for it! (Also worth noting that Explosion was stronger back in the 4th gen days, as it halved the defense stat of the opponents in damage calculations when being used!)
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