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Drabble Dex

Drabble Dex

A while ago I wrote a few drabbles, each one featuring a Pokémon species in some way, although I hadn’t posted them outside of one forum. While short-lived (only ended up with nine done for Pokémon) I did find the exercise fun enough, so I’m attempting to revive my own challenge while simultaneously populating the Fandex we have here. Two birds with one stone!

I’ll begin by posting the few I’ve done already over the next while, and then I’ll allow people to suggest what Pokémon line I should involve in a drabble next. (If nobody suggests something I’ll just turn to a random number generator). I may include other topics later on as well, but Pokémon species will be the focus.

I rely on Microsoft Word’s ‘word count’ tool to ensure these are 100 words long, but do point out if you notice a discrepancy! Titles aren’t included in the word count.

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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D


Misleading Appearances

The trainer stared at the green Pokémon. He had been warned about this one by the posters sprawled over the local Pokémon Centre. The Green Menace, they had declared. Do not approach.

But it hardly seemed menacing. It had a grin brighter than the sun, and didn’t appear interested in battling. Sure, it had scythes for arms, but it didn’t appear to be aggressive.

The trainer returned the grin and offered the Scyther a piece of his lunch. It quickly accepted and swallowed the food. It then chirped and stretched its limbs out widely.

Aww, he’s giving me a hug-
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D



The Scizor gazed at the others slicing through the air above the treetops. Before, he was one of the first ones there, impressing with twists and turns.

He breathed in and grunted, beating his steel wings together. They clunked and gnashed in protest, lifting him a few lame feet into the air before it became too much to sustain.

He cried out and threw a heavy limb at a tree, only to see his arm smash through the wood rather than slice it. The Scizor stared at his pincer a while. Eventually he nodded slowly, and lumbered towards another tree.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D


Terrible News

“Oh, this news is terrible!” cried the woman. When her husband only managed a small grunt, she decided to read the article aloud.

“A man in Kalos has been charged for exploiting Helioptile. Twenty-five Helioptile had been found attached to the roof, tied down by a series of power cords and rigged up to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity to power the man’s home. They showed signs of exhaustion and dehydration...”

The husband burped loudly. “So? We use Magnemite to power our home.”

“Oh, don’t be barbaric!” she hissed. “They’re lizards. You can’t do mean things to lizards.”
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D



Lunch, thought the bird Pokémon.

It could scarcely believe its own luck. There it was, an overgrown lizard lying about on that rock in broad daylight! It never had seen one quite so big, nor of that colouration, but food was food.

The bird circled twice and then swooped, slicing through the air towards its target. Only then did it notice the sparks that danced around its target’s neck. Before it could change direction, it was engulfed by electricity. It shrieked and thudded into the dusty ground.

The Heliolisk yawned and looked at its fallen foe. Lunch, thought the lizard.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I love these, you put so much story into so few words! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more when you get the time to write them.
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Thanks, Kelly! Here's a couple more done earlier, and a few more some other time more or less ready to post too.


Spore and Effect

“Why are you so negative?” a Shroomish asked another. It bounced about anxiously as two young boys observed the pair. “There’s so much opportunity! And these trainers will feed us and take us on adventures!”

One child picked up the Shroomish and gave it a hug, causing spores to expel from the mushroom Pokémon. As they coated the human he sneezed, and then suddenly shrieked shrilly, dropped his finding and writhed about on the ground. His friend took a few uncertain steps backward before running off. The Pokémon wailed and hopped about the boy.

“That’s why,” muttered the other Shroomish.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D


More than Grass

“What a weird Pokémon!” one trainer said.

“You sure that’s a Fighting type?” another jeered. “It needs some real arms first. You need a Fighting Pokémon to join this Gym-”

“Then battle it,” retorted its owner. The group paused a moment before one nodded and summoned a brawny Machamp, muscles bulging from muscles. It opened with a flurry of punches, but the Breloom intercepted one of the flying limbs headfirst, ejecting spores over the Machamp. As it spluttered the Breloom struck through short, sharp jabs with arms that stretched impossibly. The Machamp crashed heavily, soundly defeated.

“Now, any other complaints?”
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D


Leap of faith

One after another, a gang of Mienfoo sprang into the air, trying to strike at a collection of bright, red berries dangling just out of reach. At length they retired for a break, pondering whether it was worth further effort.

Eventually one Mienfoo stepped up. She rubbed her hands together and sprinted breathlessly before leaping up high. The group watched as she flew through the air and narrowly missed.


She slid down the trunk and sighed, expecting to hear taunts and laughter. But only cheers came. She blinked and turned around, greeted by the sight of berries tumbling down.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D


Whip it good

She had heard about this wild Pokémon. It danced lightly upon the grass in front of her Pikachu, radiating a quiet power. What an addition it would make!

It suddenly lashed out and whacked her Pokémon with its arm. The mouse Pokémon cried and stumbled over. Before either trainer or partner could react it continued the assault, flowing from attack to attack by spinning gracefully into the next whipping motion.

“Stop!” she yelled. It responded by slapping her and bounding away into the bushes.

She rubbed her stinging face, gasped, and decided she didn’t want to capture the Mienshao anymore.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D


First Appearances

The girl excitedly clutched the capsule and grinned at her parents.

"My own Pokémon? For real?" she exclaimed.

"Sure thing, kiddo," her father replied. He kneeled down. "How about you open the Poké Ball and let it out? Press that button there," he instructed. The girl obliged and stared as her birthday present emerged.

Then she frowned.

“...What is that?” she asked.

“A Relicanth!” Her mother smiled.

“They’re really rare,” her father added, handing her a leash and collar. “Why don’t you take it for a walk?”

“It’s a fish,” she said. The Pokémon quietly waved a fin at her.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

The next bunch are the first made on request! Bluewolfbat of FFnet wanted something specific about a Pikachu, but I wrote this instead. And naturally did something for the other two in its line as well. Not that happy about Raichu's one personally but oh well.

Also have a draft of Ponyta and need to think up something for Rapidash. After that it's anything else suggested or random number generator!



Forbidden Secret

“What a weird looking Pichu!” one child remarked. She petted the quiet Pokémon carefully around the notched ear. “Is this normal?”

“Doubt it,” her friend replied with authority. “You saw Sami’s, right? Smaller ears.”

“Maybe it travelled with Celebi from another time?” She glanced at the nearby empty shrine. The Pichu sat upright.

“Don’t be silly, that’s legend-” She was cut off when the Pichu darted towards the shrine. “Hey!” They giggled and chased after the Pokémon. It rounded the corner and greeted the pixie that appeared.

They know too much,” it hissed. The Celebi nodded and raised its arms.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D


Electric Blanket

The Pikachu squeezed through the window and landed inelegantly. It shivered and gazed back outside. Winter had arrived with little warning. The nearby tree rattled against the glass.

It suddenly heard footsteps approach. It eyed the bed and squirmed under the covers as the door opened.

“Here’s your room-oh, the window...” a woman muttered. More footsteps followed hers.

“Wouldn’t want that open overnight,” a man muttered as he plonked himself on the bed and the Pikachu. It squeaked and released a jolt. The man jumped off and shouted while the Pikachu darted straight back out the window.

“What was that?!”
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D



“Right, Pikachu, you ready?” Ash yelled with a fist pump. His Pokémon nodded happily. “Alright!” He picked up the Thunderstone and tossed it at his Pokémon. It bounced off the Pikachu’s face.

“Oh. Uh... How do you use it?” He rubbed it in Pikachu’s face until his Pokémon irritably bit on the stone. Only then did it glow so much that Ash had to cover his eyes a moment before it was gone and his Pokémon now a larger, orange rodent.

“Great! Let’s go!” The Raichu forgot his weight and jumped up on his shoulder, causing Ash to fall over.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D



The farmhand squinted at the far side of the field. He covered his eyes from the sun and walked towards the intruder. Gradually he recognised it as a young Ponyta, and spied the gap in the fence it must have squirmed through. Suddenly it turned its head and stared at him with adolescent curiosity.

“Go on, get out,” he urged. “Back to your owners.” It brayed and bent its head to graze.

“No!” But the flames from its mane licked the turf and started spreading. The farmhand shook his head and summoned his Water type Pokémon.

“We need fire-retardant grass...”
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D


Unlicensed Havoc

They heard the sharp strikes of hooves bouncing upon the street well before recognising its confused whines for help.

“What did that fool teach now?” the man muttered. He tugged his son back against the wall. Soon a large horse with flames upon its back bounded into view, flailing its legs in protest with each flight. The man spied springs attached to its hooves which clinked as one against the bitumen.

“That, son, is why you won’t teach your Pokémon moves from that Tutor. Let them learn themselves.” The son nodded silently as they watched it Bounce toward the horizon.


I actually made two for Rapidash! I got the idea after finishing the first one and felt it was worth a go.

A few words

The sun was setting as the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman gazed toward his Pokémon. He murmured the words to his friend, the same he had told so many times before, to the visitors to his club, and his friends who had heard the description a myriad of times.

The words washed together. His cherished Rapidash heard how it was...cute... lovely... smart... adorable... irresistible... plus... amazing... (Don’t you think so? he thought.) Oh, so... wild... beautiful... kind... (I love you.) Warm and cuddly... spectacular...captivating...simply divine... I treasure you... (I’ll always treasure you.)

The man smiled, patted the tombstone and ambled away.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

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