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Regular news roundup

Just an idea I had last night when reading my RSS feeds. A lot of big sites like Kotaku do a weekly roundup of news on a subject from across the internet, so I wondered if I (or someone else, but I wouldn't mind) could curate one of those and post it on a regular schedule?

Though it's sort of time-sensitive so I'm not sure if it would work with the normal post->review->publish workflow we have going on here.

I figure linking to other sites might make them see us as incoming clicks on their stats and we might be able to get more traffic if they check us out? Also we're not plagiarising their news, rather just linking to it.

Hope that makes sense! I've got everything in place to automatically aggregate news so I could manually curate it.
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The thing is that weekly roundups of just Pokemon news may either be slim pickings at times, or just repeating what other sites do. The solution to this may be to supplement a news round up with some opinions or discussion along with the news recap, which make even a 'not much this week!' update more worthwhile to read. That may require some proofreading, but I feel okay to say that given the lack of active content right now to still require a preview posted here to give people a chance to give their thoughts, but if none comes to go ahead and post it as an article.
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