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May Stats

A bit late but oh well.

Images look different now! Stats changed again, and one advantage is that sans the first picture (annoyingly...) I can now screenshot stats on a monthly basis exactly (i.e. only May stuff, not an overlap by a day or having to make the screenshots as close to the end of the month as possible). Google stats also changed a bit in appearance!

The Raw Numbers
May total views: 1,769 (April: 1,849, March: 1,890)
May total visitors: 1,296 (April: 1,355, March: 1,355)
May average views/day: 57 (April: 62, March: 61)
Daily High Score: 73 (Best ever: 569 views, April: 126)
Lowest Score (for a full day): 31 (April: 25, March: 40)
Number of 100+ days: 0 (April: 2, March: 0)

(For the record, May 2014 averaged 53 views/day).

Image of hits/day:
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Late image is late and hence missing the first bit of May. Oh well. Quieter month than last, not surprising given the one article. At least it was otherwise consistent.

Articles visited since start of month until 1st May:
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Usual suspects at the top. Seel Nickname article slowly but surely gaining views and there was a slight bump to the Game Corner article for whatever reason.

Referrers (ie what sites people came from to visit the magazine)
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Google remains our best friend. Tvtropes continues giving some hits to that one article.

Search engines terms (what people put in google/etc to get to the magazine.
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Google's versions of the stats for top 50 search terms (by clicks):
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The funny and weird searches (that got clicks) include:
Quote:is spinarak a good pokemon (hah!)
how old is james from pokemon
why doesn't ash grow up
yoda nicknames
art bbs
machamp breaking the neck of someone
ash forced by boss of team rocket to join his team
pokemon ash grey read the last episode in you know virgin
nickname muffet
download pokemon full versoin game oras revolution
*is james gay search terms*

Clicks (links clicked in articles)
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Outgoing Youtube links on top again.

Country breakdown:
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US on top as usual.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

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