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Top ___ Misplaced Pokemon Typings

How many is up for debate, and the name of the article can change too.

Pitching this from a friend's idea actually - basically a top ___ article for which Pokemon have typings which may not suit them as much as others. Think Gyarados and the standard 'why isn't it a dragon type!?' question you see monthly on other forums (there's a reason for it, although maybe less so for its mega), Luxray and not having Dark type despite moveset and appearance, Florges and not having Grass Typing, etc).

This article is also up for grabs! (Unless my friend wants to write it, that is, but I'm not sure he does. Will ask anyway). I can write it, but am fine with someone else tackling it.

Furthermore... suggestions will be needed, in part to gauge how many Pokemon would be talked about anyway.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Sounds like a fun list! It sounds like you're gonna get into the real-life origins of the Pokemon to prove your point (like with Gyarados), so it'll be cool seeing the Pokemon broken down like that. I guess you should decide on how deep the discussions will be, though, and if some will be deeper than others, there could be a progression of sorts.

As for suggestions of other Pokemon you can put on the list, I don't really have much - I only have one that I feel strongly about. Will edit this with more ideas soon.

> I always thought Cresselia deserved that additional Fairy typing, what with the moon being closely associated to fairies (Moonblast, Moonlight, Clefairy-line) and it actually getting Moonblast as a level-up move. While you can make the moon association to Lunatone, it doesn't really fit with all the other previous Pokemon given Fairy typing.

> Is it too big a stretch to say the Porygon line could use an additional Psychic-type? I mean, they're digital ducks...yeah.

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