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[Proposal] Pokemon game plot analysis

Less an article proposal, more an article series proposal.

I made a way too long post earlier today over on PC, and then thought that I could easily go longer on each of these. I'm proposing a series of articles analysing the story, side-stories, etc of each of the games. While it has been said that Pokemon's main focus has rarely been on the story as much as the gameplay (especially as the general formula has been repeated so many times), I feel that's easily a lot to talk about. Years back I and another wrote an article about BW's plot too, although that was more about what could have been improved rather than the full picture.

Bonus - I feel that I could easily rattle off a bunch and hence build up a steady production with these if I go with one set of game plots (so RBY/FRLG counts as one set, while BW and B2W2 are separate)

It could even be extended beyond the main games and go into the spinoff titles! I have not played all of those however (only one ranger, none of the MD games for instance), but if other people are willing to help out with those and even the main game ones, that'd be something to consider.

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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Absolutely on board with this idea. I've always thought that how they've handled the plot of the [main series] games has improved considerably throughout each generation. They really hit a high with it in Gen 5, and it almost forgave how they only stuck with one region for the entire generation [but only almost]. I thought they took a few steps back with XY's main plot [although the Looker sidequest was fantastic, and then there's the man in Anistar who lost his wife...], but then ORAS came along and reinforced just how seriously they're taking their plots [and at the same time, their characters] now.

I can help out with the Mystery Dungeon series; IMO they have the best plots out of all the games [that I've played; haven't played the Ranger games, Conquest, and many other spin-offs yet, and I unfortunately don't know anything about Colo/XD's plot outside of bnb's fic so it's a debatable claim to say the least :P ] They do get repetitive as each new game is made, though, but I think it's more of not fixing what isn't broken since the basic premise of a human turning into a Pokemon to save the Pokemon world is unique enough as it is that you can milk it so many times and still come up with fresh ideas.

I agree with it being a series of articles - we can do it similar to the gym review articles [although these will be released more closely to each other]. It can be similar to some of the columns in Bulbapedia, where they talk about one aspect of the game and spread out their discussion by talking about one generation per column/issue/article.

Will this take on a review form, in that the aim is to rate the plots on certain criteria, or will it be more of a discussion of certain points about the plot? But anyway yeah this is a great idea. :D

Quote:Will this take on a review form, in that the aim is to rate the plots on certain criteria, or will it be more of a discussion of certain points about the plot? But anyway yeah this is a great idea. :D
I feel discussion is better. I think giving a number score or the like won't be easy nor as 'useful' as a discussion of good and bad, with some YMMV thrown in too.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Yay over this proposal! :P Yeah, I think this would work better as a series. Hm, I'm considering replaying B2W2 for a while, so maybe I can try writing about B2W2's plot once we do a couple articles already.
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Thinking out loud for a rough outline for one of these for RBY. Any thoughts on this? Probably best that we keep to the same structure for each article, but understandably with differences for spinoffs.


- while Pokemon games aren't known for their plots and more about telling cute and awesome looking monsters to beat others up and throwing capsules at them, they're worth considering and examining. There is a story thrown in every main game even though at the basic level they have the same structure (get pokemon from a professor named after a tree, beat up gym leaders to get badges, beat up Team ___ along the way, catch a legendary or ten along the way), while some of the spinoff titles go further yet with their attempt at storytelling. This is an article series where we examine each plot of the games, as well as consider side plots, characterisation, etc. We start with where the games all began in Kanto, and we'll also consider what changed in the Yellow version of the originals, and their remakes in FRLG.


Brief summary of the events! How the player starts with their Pokemon adventure, the role of team ___ and their aims, main events (in this case, Siph Co, Lavender Tower, beating Giovanni in his gym), and Blue (the rival).


Discussion about this story. E.g. here it's pretty simple, but not necessarily bad - clear to understand for any player that TR are the bad guys, they should be stopped, etc. (Here is where any ideas/opinions are most welcomed!)

The Rival Factor

I think this section needs to be in each of the maingame articles, because they're always a factor. Here Blue is a pretty darn popular rival - he's a guy you like to hate, has a distinctive character, and really fits the role of 'rival'. Go into pros and cons and maybe interesting facts about them as well.

The Other Characters

Talk about how gym leaders, anyone else of importance in events are portrayed (so here prof oak, Bill [Hi Jax! ;D], Siph co guy, dr. fuji. Good/bad?

Third Version/Remake Factor

WISOTT. Bit about what Yellow added. (Uh... Jessie/James and a Pikachu. Okay.)

Bit about FRLG changes. (little if anything to the main plot, but they added more with the sevii islands subplots which... idk, seem a bit all over the place to me, and more to gym leader/etc characterisation with that fame checker item).

Misc. sections

Anything else worthy of mention not covered by above sections!
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

It looks pretty solid to me! I like this idea since it'll be putting out consistent content, which is always nice.

The real trick will be finding out what's different between each generation and capitalizing on those differences. Otherwise, we might as well be pumping out the same article each time. As long as we can do that, I think it'll be a good collection of reviews. The outline covers just about everything I can think of, so it looks good to me.

The outline looks good, and it pretty much brings up all the important elements that contribute to the plot. If anything, only thing missing for me would be the Villainous Team Factor, but there might be some redundancies with "Analysis" on that since most of the main plot is carried by the villainous team anyway.

A question first: Will the Third Version/Remake Factor encompass all of the other "Factors" as they relate to the third version/remakes? In other words, will the preceding sections only analyze the story and the characters of the original games? Under The Rival Factor, for example, will we only discuss Blue as he is in the original Red and Blue, and discuss the changes, improvements, and non-improvements of the character in Yellow and FR/LG under "The Third Version/Remake Factor"? Or will we discuss everything about Blue across all of the Kanto-based games under "The Rival Factor"?

In any case, here are my suggestions/musings for the contents of the RBY plot article:

Show ContentThem suggestions and musings:

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