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Followup - nuzlocke article/s?

Raised previously, worth consideration imo. (Apologies for my quietness, unexpected power outages for days does that. Especially when they're still going!)

Do we want to consider an additional article or two focusing on nuzlockes? This was an older idea sometime last year which fell through, but DM's article on challenges may be a good springboard. They could be fan work reviews (if say you know of any particular nuzlockes you feel are worthy of recommendation, mention those here!), or an article that goes more into the history of nuzlockes and how they exploded into popularity. That's the ideas I had for it anyway, and they both could be used.

Discuss away!
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I think a fan review or two would work better, since the art that comes out of it is imo one of the bestselling points of Nuzlockes. Can't recommend anything off the top of my head other than the original one, though, but I'm sure there's a lot of material out there!

Well, there's three I kinda keep an eye on...

Kynim's White Nuxlocke - (Rules)
Continuing. This is a continuation of an earlier one she did of Diamond (by that, I mean that the trainer here is the daughter of the Diamond nuxlocke trainer). It's definitely an expansion and her own take on the BW storyline. More is shown behind-the-scenes for instance from gym leader perspectives, as well as a wealth of several bonus comics (e.g. conversations between the Pokemon).

pettyartist's 'A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge - HG Edition' - Continuing. This is also a sequel to another (LG Nuzlocke), with a different art style to any other I've seen. Same trainer across both. Likes to focus on the Pokemon characters.

Protocol00's 'Cross Out' X Nuzlocke - Relatively early into it (one gym badge, although we know how long the gap between the 1st and 2nd badges are in the games...). The best thing about this is that the author put their own take on each of the rivals. Now they're interesting!! Seems other characters may be getting this treatment too. Usually in monochrome.

Epifex's 'Goddamn Critical Hits' Emerald LP - Also continuing, art gets better as it goes and it starts pretty good as it is! Around midway through the game at at 50+ updates... fairly detailed. Of late has had whole character arcs for Pokemon. Which is much more stable than the more disjointed beginning, actually, which was more like skits (example)

...Not sure I want to do an article per comic or for all of them, but they're all worth talking about imo.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

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