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Top 5 Best Ways to Make Your Game Run More Challenging

Random idea popped into my head today. And, well, I do wanna make myself research about stuff that isn't work-related x_x

If the title isn't too clear [I'm open for suggestions], I'm referring to those challenges that players do to make their Pokémon games harder to complete. From the classic Gym Leader/Monotype challenges to the more recent Wonderlocke challenge, this article is gonna run through the five most innovative, creative, and of course difficult challenges.

I'm pretty much set with the Top 3 being Nuzlocke, Scramble, and Monotype, in that order, since they're the three most iconic ones, and they do progress in that order of difficulty, too.

As for the other two, I'm deciding between the following, but they all have an issue or another:

> Wonderlocke / Wonder Trade challenge - Catch 6 Pokémon, and put them all through Wonder Trade. The 6 Pokémon you get will be your team for the entire game. It can be a variant of Nuzlocke, though, so I'm not sure if I should just combine this with Nuzlocke or make it its own entry.
> Mono-Poke / Single Pokémon challenge - Complete the game with one and only one Pokémon. Not much else to say here.
> Themed challenges - Encompasses Mono-chrome (all Pokémon must be the same color), Same first letter (self-explanatory), Same egg group (also self-explanatory), and other challenges where the teams of a player have to follow a certain theme. Of course, Monotype is the most popular version of this, so I'm not sure if I should just combine them and make this the Top 3 entry or not.
> Egglocke challenge - A scramble challenge, except instead of players giving you a Pokémon you have to catch, you're given eggs you have to hatch. The second half of the challenge's name suggests that it also follows Nuzlocke's rules, so it has the same issues as Wonderlocke (ie. should i just combine it with Nuzlocke or not) or under Scramble (since it has the same principle, only eggs).
> Restrictive challenges - Encompasses the "no healing" clause (players cannot heal through Pokémon centers), the "no buying" clause (players cannot buy any items from the Poké-Mart), the "no Poké Balls" challenge (players cannot use a Pokémon obtained via Poké Ball), and the like (and combinations thereof). Like Themed challenges, not sure if I should pick one of them and feature that or if I should encompass all of them through the term "Restrictive challenges."

This is open for suggestions and general help. My personal target is to finish this by the end of the month (before I go on holiday on the 29th) so yeah. Thanks in advance! :D

That's a neat idea.

I agree with the order for the top three. I wouldn't go with the single Pokemon theme just because it's pretty boring imo. Egglocke seems to be a subset of both scramble and nuzlocke - maybe call it a hybrid? Wondertrade I don't think is always done as a nuzlocke... Nothing else coming to mind just at the moment. I can bug a friend who was the mod of Challenges over at PC (heck, I can bug the current mod too!) on any trends they've noticed too.

Actually... followup articles may be neat. As in, we can then do an article reviewing some nuzlockes we like and recommend others follow, and go link it with fanwork reviews. This idea was vaguely floated a while ago, and I think this'd be a good lead-in to such a thing. May be worth briefly mentioning how nuzlockes started and how people do comics of their attempts of it as well.

(oooh holiday, where to?)
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Noted about the Single Pokémon challenge. Noted about Egglocke and Wonderlocke, too, and with that I'm pretty convinced that I'm making Wonderlocke Top 4 (good way to integrate the newer games, since the three challenges above it are more known as applicable for the older gens).

And if the PC mods don't mind, then Wynaut? Could include some quotes from them, too, if the article becomes a whole analysis thing, but I could just integrate their ideas and credit them accordingly.

And yep, definitely had the history and artistic side of Nuzlocke in mind as part of the reason why it's in number 1, since it makes for some nice discussion. Great idea about making this an opening for follow-ups - I can use that as a way to end the article (i.e. "Ever had an interesting challenge run before? Ever read any cool and funny Nuzlocke comics? Leave them in the comments below!"). Didn't know it was an idea, though, so I'll just briefly go into it (maybe include a picture of the original comic) and put some links, then leave the in-depth discussion for the other article.

(Americaland for a week and a half. Graduation gift for my sister who graduates high school a day before we leave. Haha.)

Made an intro and a possible format for the whole list (using #5 as an example). Decided to use subheadings so that it won't be continuous blocks of text. I'm afraid that it might be longer than expected, though. Tell me what you think.

Top 5 Best Ways to Make Your Game Run More Challenging

It’s the same formula: get your starter, defeat your rival(s), blaze through eight gym leaders, fight a villainous team, become the Champion. As each generation passes, beating the game’s main storyline becomes easier and easier, with little buffs to items and nerfs to opponents making gameplay smoother. While many players appreciate the less frustrating playthrough, many other players are stuck uttering the same wish while they lazily go through the credits of the latest game: “man, I wish that was more of a challenge.”

Fortunately, a fandom as big as Pokémon is bound to have many creative minds, and this creativity has seeped into the very way we play these games. Many players have instilled specific rulesets to their playthroughs that make it much more challenging, resulting into a more rewarding experience.

This list will run through five of the best ways to make your playthrough challenging, as well as ways to make them more forgiving, more brutal, and more varied.

5. No Poké Ball Challenge

Simply put, this challenge restricts you from using any type of Poké Ball, thus preventing you from having a diversified team. While you get to keep your starter—almost a rarity in challenges like these—you’ll be hard-pressed to find the rest of your team, as you’ll have to rely on the few kind souls who give you Pokémon, or go out of your way to find fossils or collect enough coins.

While its origins are unknown, GameFAQs member Pyrostormer has the earliest thread on the challenge, which was done on Pokémon Diamond.

Psh, how hard could it be?

There isn't really any way to make it easier or harder, as the difficulty of this challenge depends on which game you choose. FireRed and LeafGreen have the luxury of the Game Corner prizes which, combined with the seven gift Pokémon, makes for eleven choices, more than enough for a full team. On the other hand, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald only have four to choose from: your starter, a fossil, Castform, and Wynaut. Good luck beating the Elite Four using only those!

Does it come in different sizes?

It doesn’t really get more straightforward than “no Poké Balls”, but there have been variants of the challenge where players restrict the number of Poké Balls they use in the run instead of banning Poké Balls all together. A more popular variant, the “Poké Ball Challenge”, is more focused on the completion of the Pokédex. As the name implies, it restricts the player from using any ball but the Poké Ball to catch Pokémon.

Anything else on the menu?

There are many ways to up the difficulty of your game by taking out a particular component. A popular choice is the Pokémon Center, with its close friend the Poké Mart. Restricting yourself from using either (or both, if you’re up for it) puts the pressure on how you use your moves and items, and it’ll change the way you see those berries you find in the trash cans of the S.S. Anne.

Not much to say - the introduction looks solid and the format looks good to me! Haven't noticed any errors in my first read-through.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Spoke briefly to a former Challenges section mod (Alli, also known as Sydian) on pc. She mentioned random challenges being a popular one, which are basically like scramble but without those additional restrictions on top of the pokemon people assign you (and may be worth mentioning a variant which are rom hacks where people randomise all pokemon that appear).

And another name for the No Poke Ball Challenge is Gift Challenge (presumably because you can call the Pokemon you get without catching them gift Pokemon).
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

^Ooh, didn't know about random challenge. I'll definitely put it under the variations of Scramble, along with the rom hacks (though I'll need help with the latter since I'm not too familiar with the concept).

Ah, should've known so. I was thinking that it might exclude the Pokemon from the Game Corner, though, since they aren't really gifts but prizes. Will definitely mention it, though!

I'll get around to putting up the first draft of the whole thing before next weekend. Was just really busy with work these past few days. :)

Well here's the first draft. It's still lacking some pictures and stuff.

Show ContentSpoiler:

Quote:A variant of the challenge—though it could be its predecessor, seeing as it’s the term used in the two threads linked above—is the Wonderlocke Challenge, which as the name implies combines this challenge with Nuzlocke. It proceeds like the usual Nuzlocke, except that instead of using the first Pokémon encountered, you first have to send these Pokémon through Wonder Trade before progressing, with the Wonder Traded Pokémon serving as your team member. If you thought going through the whole game with six Wonder Traded Pokémon was tough, try going through it with six continuously-rotating Wonder Trade Pokémon!
This was a bit confusing to me when I read, probably around the 'continuously-rotating' - it's only each time you encounter the Pokemon in the wild that you wondertrade, right...?
Quote:Grass and Water are usually the easiest as you get to keep your starter and they are very easy to find early on, with Fire lagging behind due to the relative rarity of Fire-types (Good luck doing a mono-Fire run in Diamond/Pearl using only Chimchar and Ponyta!).
Nitpick - I have to disagree here from personal experience. Grass is not always easy, and I'm not sure about the usual bit! Or leastways, HGSS with grass is not easy. You start off against a flying GYm, then Bugsy and his U-turning Scyther. @_@. Whitney is Whitney, Morty is as much a poison type gym leader than ghost (gastly line only!), jasmine is tough because steels, pryce has ice, and Clair with dragons are formidable. And that's before the E4. :V I've also had plans to do a B2W2 grass monotype run which looks similarly ominous for certainly the first half (poison, bug, electric-with-flying-types...)

Water meanwhile are a dime a dozen and a better type imo for these challenges, so fair enough there.
Quote:You may not like that Rattata you catch in Route 1, but when it’s suddenly in the red HP mark in the middle of your final battle against Giovanni, you start appreciating it a whole lot more,
Maybe consider changing that 'it' to a nickname ( start appreciated Scabs a whole lot more).

Overall solid article! Does need some pictures, I agree. Maybe a picture of a monotype team for that one, and a picture from the nuzlocke original comic in that section (and mention a bit more about the comics themselves? e.g. some are drawn silly-like, and others far more detailed and realistic).
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

After reading what bobandbill said about Grass monotype runs, perhaps you can mention how a playthrough for that particular type run might be harder for some games like HGSS. Otherwise, it's a very good article overall!
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Sorry for the extremely late reply, but I've made all the edits from your comments. Added in some images, too. :)

Good additions! No complaints about the changes and the images. One thing:
Quote:As it is a very old challenge, its origins are largely unknown, as all of the big Pokémon forums are guaranteed to have a thread of it as far back as Gen 3.
Maybe '...a thread for it' (rather than of it). Seems to fit bett

I'll let this sit another couple days for further comments before I put it up!
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

^Changed that, and did a few minor edits here and there too. I'm thinking if I should put an image of the ragequit or tableflip guy at the start with the caption "Or: How to ragequit your Pokémon game". y/n?

Yes, that or any other sort of picture along those lines if you (or someone else) sees something that fits.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

^All right, did just that. Thanks!

I've put the article up!
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

^Just saw, thanks! But I need to make a small edit: I didn't see the watermark in the tableflip image. Could you maybe change it to this one? Thanks so much!

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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

^Thanks! :D

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