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May or may not be part of a lotad

I'm Lilypad!

Someone's sig on TCoD forums got me over here and I love the magazine now (after reading like only 5 articles I joined, they were hilarious and I knew there would be more (I was right, there were more)) so whoever you are, you got your magazine another member!

Other than that I am writing a novella (not pokemon related) . I write a lot. I want to get started on a fanfic idea I have in my mind right now but until then, guess I can just procrastinate on here!

Yes, welcome to this site! I haven't been on here since 2013, talk about a long time.

Welcome aboard, Lilypad! (And welcome back, Keldeo!) I have a feeling that may have been my sig, unless someone else here posts on TCoD (I admittedly do so sparingly).

Nice to hear that you like the magazine. =) If you are interested we could always use more contributions too. As for fics, we do have a section for that, even for discussing ideas. Neat that you're working on a novella as well - what is it about?
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Hey, Lilypad! Glad to hear you enjoy the magazine a lot! I'm not sure if you have a Tumblr and/or Twitter, but in those platforms new articles get announced (I'm in charge of that actually, haha)! And writers joining in the forums is always a good thing! :D
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