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ORAS Journal Thread!

Like with X&Y, let's discuss what we're doing in the ORAS games when they come out over the next week in this thread! Be careful with spoilers though!

I'm getting my copy by the (very) end of today. Pleased
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Pretty much copied/pasted from the "journal" posts I'm experimenting over at Tumblr.

Badges: 2
Team: Marshtomp (lv 26), Kirlia (lv 20), Mightyena (lv 19), Zigzagoon (lv 19), Taillow (lv 21), Dustox (lv 18)

I'm thinking Marshtomp and Kirlia will be on my final team. Kirlia in particular I would like to evolve into Gallade (though the Dawn Stone seems you get very late in the game, urgh). I'll be switching Swablu for Taillow once I get to Lavaridge.

Stuff that happen

-A lot of the stuff in the beginning is more or less the same like in the original games. Love Mudkip a lot, so I choose him as my starter. I did try out a bit of the DexNav feature and it was quite fun! When I caught Poochyena it has Fire Fang.
-Whenever I find Ralts early in my original Sapphire game I get very excited. Same thing happened when I caught it in Alpha Sapphire.
-While going against some of Roxanne's trainers my Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp!
-If you go to Granite Cave before going against Brawly, there are a few NPCs that block the passage if you want to go to Steven. As soon as I defeated Brawly, I went back to the Granite Cave and met up with Steven. I really love the cave carving of Primal Kyogre (I have Alpha Sapphire).
-After finishing the Slateport stuff, I was going through Route 110 and I bump into Brendan. His Slugma and Wailmer were no trouble, but then comes Grovyle. I switched Marshtomp with Ralts (because lol Water/Ground 4x weakness on Grass moves) , only for Grovyle to keep using Mega Drain and Ralts to faint. >.>; I then use Taillow, which I should have used the first time, oops.
-Went to Mauville City once I defeated Brendan. Kinda like the indoors mall feel for it. Found the bike shop and got myself the Mach Bike. I then found Wally and battled him. Feel sorry for him when I won. :<
-Decided to go through Cycling Road as I skipped the Trick House and wanted to find some trainers and Pokemon before I go against Watson. While battling some trainers, my Ralts evolved into Kirlia!
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AWEUJHWDIjhwaio I just got my Eon Ticket. I will attempt to finish this post before I devolve into a quivering pile of joy. An-chan and I were going to head to an event tomorrow where a couple of people were supposed to have the ticket, but we just got home from the fair and apparently someone had it there, because now we both have it. *breathes rapidly* I mean, okay, sure. It's just an Eon Ticket, I get it, there's more important things in life like air and water and loved ones. But this is the remake of the generation that gave me Latias, and now I get to meet her during a fancy event that I was by no means guaranteed to even participate in.

The first Latias I caught was a roamer. No pomp, no circumstance, just a grueling chase followed by a normal capture. I adore her, but I'll admit that she spent quite a long time in a box after I first caught her. Roamers are fun to catch in their own regard since you have to work for it, but it's not exactly an inspiring process. I didn't really make the connection until I decided to try her out on a whim, after which she reached level 100 and has followed me through every game. I still remember long sessions in the Unknown Dungeon (then renamed to the Cerulean Cave), blasting through countless pokemon with her, that exp bar filling up pixel by pixel. I maxed out her Cool stat. She inspired my longest-running fanfic, which I'm currently rewriting. Long story short, she's a boss. Her stats aren't exactly up to snuff for competitive battling, but I don't care: this can be seen from the metric ton of ribbons that are probably hindering her ability to levitate.

The second Latias I caught came from Soul Silver. I consider meeting her to be the crowning point of my experiences with that game. She came from an event that was pretty bare-bones. However, she's shiny, with a perfect speed IV, a Timid nature, and Hidden Power Fire. She's Lightspeed, my warrior, and she's ready to wreck the competitive scene once I get a team together.

And now, Latias number three, back in the land that started it all. I don't know what she will be like, what memories we'll make together. I do know one thing though.

It's gonna be flipping awesome.

I also got the Eon Ticket! A day after the short-notice event held somewhere in Sydney (on a work day...) I ended up with it from streetpass. Quite lucky. Already shared it with my friends. =) And Latias is pretty cute in Amie too (I have Sapphire so my eon ticket nets me Latios).

Meanwhile, I'm 6 badges in and am currently chasing a submarine. And by chasing I mean exploring the oceans and etc first before I even try to get Dive. :V I also have been using the exp share and in an effort to keep things challenging and make use of the very generous exp distribution, have a rotating team of 29 (30 if you include an extra Linoone slave). Yes I have a problem, but it's fun trying out all these Pokemon, haha. And DexNav is addictive.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I'll get to posting more detailed journey/first impression posts over at Tumblr (wasn't able to due to being sick over Thanksgiving weekend, urgh). I did however got to beat Elite 4 and Steven! The final team was Swampert, Manectric, Gallade, Mawile (which I transferred from X to Pokemon Bank and then to AS), Torkoal, and Altaria. Not only that, I got to finish Delta Episode, which was a very fun post-game extra. Overall I thought ORAS made some nice improvements over the original games and was satisfied overall.

At the Battle Resort at the moment though I haven't done too much except visiting a few houses and battled some trainers outside. Next I want to get the four Regi legendaries and check out the apartments over at Mauville City (was distracted progressing the main storyline, haha).
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“Now my friends, I think this calls for a toast. We’re embarking on something truly great here. Be prepared for what’s coming.”

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I might have to go for a rotating team, too... Because I've got a good 10 or so Pokémon that I'd like to have in my team, but only six slots :( My current team consists of Blaziken, Crobat (I decided to actually use the obligatory Zubat catch in my team, and man, I've never been happier with my resident flier), Gardevoir, Mightyena (pending a swap for a Carvanha), Lotad (being swapped out for Trapinch because I have no water stone), and Latias (who just got swapped in for Metang). I'm a good five badges in so far, about to get my sixth soon enough.

So far, I've enjoyed this game a lot! I like Steven especially :)
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Am I late? Am I late?

If not... I'll just post here anyway.

I've reached Rustboro, but I'm just messing around in Pokemon-Amie and growing some berries (I'm doing some kind of a pseudo-Nuzlocke challenge, so to speak). I also want to evolve Mudkip before facing Roxanne (so I'm not wasting ALL of my time in Pokemon-Amie).

Aside from my Mudkip, I have Zigzagoon and Skitty (a Hoenn staple).
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