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Poll: Which starter will you choose?
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1 14.29%
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ORAS - Starter Pokemon

Which will you choose?

Personally, I'd likely go with mudkip. I enjoy that line a lot, and while I'm alright with the others (maybe less so Treecko because Sceptile isn't a final form I'm too fond of design-wise) it's what I like the most out of the Hoenn Pokemon.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I'm going with Mudkip myself. I've stopped resetting my games since 4th gen, so my starter choice was permanent in a sense. I always seem to choose either Fire (Platinum, Black 1, White 2, and Y) or Grass (Pearl and X), so Mudkip's going to break that trend.
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From left to right: Witch, Draco Centauros, Feli, and White Feli. All from Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary.
Avatar has (some of) my favorite Pokemon from each generation. Boy, do I have a lot of favorites! XP

I might still change my mind, but right now I'm thinking Torchic. I have no particular reason for that decision, honestly - it just sort of appeals to me the most. Also, I haven't picked any of the other fire starters that end up as fighting types in the end, so I'd kinda like to try picking the fire type for a change, and also I really like birds. I dunno. I may still switch to Mudkip before ORAS is here, but at the moment I sort of doubt it.
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