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The In-Progress Thread (2.0)

Hi! This thread is here to keep track of on-going articles and ideas, so we have a better handle on what needs working on and what's nearly ready for posting. Links are included! This is a second version of the thread.

Articles are ordered by the date their initial draft has been posted, with a date include too of roughly how long it has been in that stage since the draft was started (if applicable). A short summary may be provided as well. There's four stages of status as follows:
  • Ready for posting! These articles are fully edited and ready to go. That said, there's still time for last-minute changes and opinions, especially if there's a queue of articles waiting to go.
  • Editing. The article is written up, and only minor revisions are needed (typos, pictures, maybe some adding/removing of sections).
  • Draft writing. The draft for the article is ongoing - maybe only part is done, or heavy changes have been suggested.
  • Plotting - here the idea for the article is still being worked on, or writing has been decided to be started at a later date.

Feel free to comment on what order articles should be posted or give an update on an article, remind us to update this list, etc, here!

Ready for posting


insaneintherain fanworks review
Fanwork review article. Interview requested, review needs editing. bobandbill

Top 10 most confusing pokemon bodies
What it says on the tin. Top 10 article. 1st draft done, edits suggested (expansions in parts, pictures). Slayr231.


Pokemon outside your console Pt. 2
Follow up article on trading/wifi/etc interactions in Pokemon games.
Posted 7th August. Partly written so far. Suggestions for more to write on offered by yours truly.

Top 5 best ways to make your game challenging
Top 5 list of game challenges. Intro and one section written, rest decided on.


Interviews: Nimbas Ferris Wheel/Mt Chimney Cable Car Operators
Pair of articles, maybe done as a day-to-day kind of interview for the former.
Idea posted 23rd August. Needs writing up, claimed by DM.

Top ?? Most Infuriating Routes
A 'Top ___' list article about the most annoying areas in Pokemon games to get through.
Idea posted 27th Nov. By An-chan.

Pokemon Crossovers
Article that would explore potential interesting matchups with Pokemon for a crossover game. May also touch on existing ones (e.g. Conquest).
Idea posted 22nd October. By An-chan.

Debates - debate topics in a thread elsewhere is had, and discussion may be potentially taken and made into an article.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

As you can see, this is the remade version of the old thread. Should be much more current now.

Some of the ideas listed above are rather old, and have disappeared. Please post if you have any interest in picking them up, or they may get dropped from the list.

Also, feel free to suggest any other articles, or pick up ideas from other threads. E.g.

- Top Ten thread: Ideas not yet used include Top 5/10 Pokemon Spinoffs That Would be Awesome, Top 10 Most Annoying Routes/Caves (maybe I could tackle this sometime?), and so forth. Also going to bump that thread for attention.
- Other fan work reviews. If you know of any fan works that you feel are worth reviewing, be it a fic/artwork/LP/etc, suggest it! (Even if you don't want to write the article for it, maybe someone else would!)
- ORAS themed articles. Seeing the games come out soon. I might try a coffee guy rant article based around the theme, and do want to do an article on the Game Corner following the game's release (as my bet is it won't return as it was in RSE, and why imo is interesting).
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

HERE IS THE THING: I am really bad at suggesting/choosing articles, so is there anything that desperately needs tackling/finishing/etc that I can do? If you assign me something I can do it! (bnb I know my track record with you over Skype probably does nothing to give you confidence but if I can do university assignments I'm sure I can tackle an article assignment!)
CamisadoThe BBS Host & Admin ✖ @The_BBS is on Twitter! ✖
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An assignment? Okay... well, we really need to move on the Seel/Dewgong analysis article (I've been slow myself on doing more parts too...). If you could help out with a part or two there that'd be good.

Stuff in that article that need doing include the size and height facts for them (e.g. 'A seel weighs as much as two Kellys'), putting together/writing more for the general trivia section (ability information, interesting trivia, appearances in games/anime/manga/etc), and some Dos/Don'ts for the line too. If you're not sure what to put for any of those, check out previous analysis articles (like the Lotad line one). Some parts of these have already been written too; they just need to be put together sensibly. I have a rough layout template in the thread already.

I'll try to do the Caring for your Seel/Dewgong section we have there, and I'll see if I can poke slayr about the competitive section.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D


I've updated the first post. Please check it out, as I feel that if there are no takers for some of the articles there (some around for about half a year in idea form or somesuch!) then they should be removed from the list. Also a general discussion of what to write about come the next year would be appreciated.

For myself, I've had another top five (probably five, anyway) list idea come to mind of a musical nature, with ORAS out another Gym Reviews article would work as Hoenn was next, and then there's the Seel/Dewgong nickname and fanwork article threads as well.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Bump with updates! I pruned some off the list, as nobody showed any interest in claiming those.

Also, should have said this earlier- am away overseas for a week, starting yesterday. Whoops. :V
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Is it ok for me to pick up this one if Hoenn is absent?
CamisadoThe BBS Host & Admin ✖ @The_BBS is on Twitter! ✖
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Yes, I suppose so. First I'll throw them a VM on PC both reminding them about the zine and asking if that's alright.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

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