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While normally Japan at least gets a demo, it seems everyone will be in for a treat.

Basically, down the track they'll announce a demo version of ORAS, which you can try out. It'd even allow for transferring items/Pokemon (?) from the demo to the actual game, with a bonus if you play the demo on different days.

That page is on other regions (at least, for the Australian one, so I bet it's in Europe too).
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The demo is out today in various countries; say if you manage to get one!

Annnd I got a demo code from club nintendo via email only 10 minutes ago! Pity I am at uni and need to download it first anyway. And only the one code this time. Ah well, lucky I got it anyhow, and something to look forward to tonight.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I got one via Amazon because I pre ordered the game there. So did my best friend! I've only played the first "session" so far.
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The demo came out today in North America. I managed to play the first adventure and enjoyed it, though I somehow keep getting frozen by Glalie, lol. Looking forward to more "adventures" being added.
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I played it last night. It was short, simple, and to the point. The dialog is still quite stilted (which it has been for a few generations), but other than that I liked it a lot. Lati riding FTW! Speaking of Glalie, that jerk one-shotted my Mega Sceptile the first time I fought it. Dang quad-effective STAB crithax Frost Breath.

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