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New 3DS Consoles

(Stuff taken from slayerz96 on PC.)

There was a Nintendo Direct today in Japan, and revealed new models for the 3DS. Out in Japan October 11th, Europe in '2015' (and other places can probably assume 2015 as well). Key points - faster and better, has a small second circle pad on it, some games will be exclusive to it.

With speed improvements (about 2X as seen in some examples in the direct), improvements to 3D sweet spot, NFC, MicroSD, improved battery life and built in circle pad pro functionality, how do you think this will impact future 3DS games? Xenoblade Chronicles (a port) is going to be exclusive on this system. DS backwards compatibility.

Images in spoiler tag below.

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Both consoles will be out in Japan on Oct 10 2014. Europe 2015.
New 3DS - ¥16,000
New 3DS LL - ¥18,800
Taxes excluded.

Will you be getting the system? Why/Why not?

Myself - well, I probably wasn't going to unless there was a really nice limited edition version, or my 3DS XL started to suffer. And then they said some games will be exclusive to it. And said they're porting xenoblade chronicles to it. I only played it because it was lent to me, and I REALLY enjoyed the heck out of that game. @_@ Conflicted.

It'd be smart of them to bundle it with Monster Hunter 4 which also comes out (early) 2015.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I would really like the New 3DS (i.e. not XL) because I prefer the smaller form factor, and I really like that the buttons look like the SNES. I also like that in the cutaway where they show the Micro SD card, the battery looks more accessible. I don't know when I'd need to access the battery, but I'm sure it would come in handy if I were to carry more than one battery with me, for example.

I don't know if I like the positioning of the game slot, stylus slot, and power button on the front, but I'm sure it's cool! I keep mine in a case anyway so I'm sure I wouldn't accidentally power it off.

The docks look cool as well! And the covers! I am excited for polkadotty green. :D
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The New 3DS looks pretty neat. I too not sure about the positioning of the game slot, but I'll probably get used to it. As for me getting it, probably if there are a few exclusive New 3DS games that I want (I only own a few 3DS games, haha).
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So, I bought a New 3DS! The small/standard/non-XL one, because I had the good fortune to be born in Europe. I hope you get it at some point, North America. :(

Here's my unboxing!

I'm super impressed with the 3D, and I think it's down to the face tracking. I've only played Majora's Mask 3D on it so far, and the C-stick has been very cool for camera angles! That's all I can report so far.

Also, I think the screen size is great, it's definitely bigger than the original 3DS (as you can see in my last photo) but it is small enough to still not take up unreasonable amounts of room in my handbag. Hahaha.
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