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Posting Blitz Drabble Thread!

Have you been feeling like you're not writing enough lately? Are your skills slowly getting rustier? Are you maybe struggling with writer's block? Or maybe you would just like to have some fun?

If you answered any of these questions with a "yes", this is the thread for you! In this thread, everyone will take turns giving the next person a prompt for a drabble, which is a story that takes up exactly 100 words (but no-one is actually counting, so if your story is 70 words or 200, that's perfectly fine - some people just enjoy the challenge of fitting their story into precisely 100 words). So, you take the latest prompt, write your drabble, and then leave a new prompt for the next person. Simple as that! If there is no new prompt for a day, I'll swoop in a post a new one to inspire someone to write.

The prompt can be anything from a single word (like balloon) to a longer phrase or a complete sentence (such as "And they lived happily ever after"). Note that it can also be an unfinished sentence.

If any of the prompts catch your eye, though, feel free to write about any of them. You can never write too many drabbles! Just be sure to also write about the last posted one, and then to give a new one at the end of your post to keep the chain going.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

First prompt is as follows:

small flame
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I had a good idea but I struggled to pull it off, haha. Sorry if it's a bit hammy!

Quote:He had always been made fun of by his litter mates at the breeding centre. Of course being the smallest of his brothers and sisters would mean everything was to scale. However, he was selected for his sweet temperament, and shipped off to a small town in Kanto. On the journey, he could feel the presence of other Pokémon in the small van as it rattled its way down the small dirt road. He was one of three.

The next day was the point where his life turned around. The loving eyes of the young trainer destined to be his partner told him that nobody cared about his small flame.

I propose the theme:

in the shadows.
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(It's a proven fact that I'm incapable of writing anything that isn't at least mildly horrifying. I'M SORRY.)

Quote:The shadows felt weird.

As in, they actually felt weird to him as he put his hand into them and pressed down. He could feel them, velvety and cold, washing over his skin. But he couldn’t feel his skin anymore. Not his fingers, not his hand, not the part of his arm already merged with the blackness on the table. He pushed his arm forward, extending it as far as it would go, and as he pulled it out of the table, the blackness came with it. His limb flicked, almost writhing with its own life for a second until the blackness dripped off his arm and splattered onto the table once more. Underneath, his hand looked exactly the same as it had seconds ago: perfectly normal.

And she, blinking several times, reached out to pat the tabletop. The shadows under her hand looked exactly like normal shadows, and the table felt like normal wood. Her eyes moved back to her companion, who flexed his fingers and stared back sheepishly.

“I have an explanation for that,” he told her.

She nodded, stood up, and walked out of the room without saying a single word.

And for your next theme: "I'm leaving you."
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The girl responsible for this atrocity to mankind. And this one. And these

(Drabble based around Misdreavus's Pokedex entry)

In daytime she hides herself in darkness to rest. During the night, however, she loves to scare people by making herself disappear briefly and then scream in front of his or her face. The ghost Pokemon always cackled whenever she sees them run away in fright. She feeds herself by absorbing their fear, which causes her red necklace to glow like a stoplight.

With each scare she grows stronger. With each scare her tricks gets more serious. With each scare another person gets hurt.

And each time, she goes back in the shadows and waits for another victim to terrify.

Next prompt: Teamwork
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Oops Wicked AU fic?

Quote:Galinda was learning to cackle, and Elphaba was proud.

Elphaba had a lot of reasons to be proud, of course, but watching her friend—her only friend—by her side, casting bubble spells on the Wizard’s proud soldiers, incited a whole new level of pride within her. The latest batch bowled over—literally rolling into one another within the glassy iridescent bubbles that flared from Galinda’s wand, and Galinda cackled, the bubbling noise bouncing through her throat until it burst against her teeth. And that? That made Elphaba’s heart tingle and blossom with heat and pride. Who knew that Galinda had it in her to be so bad? With one final look at the soldier’s terrified faces, Elphaba flashed a toothy grin and leaned into her broomstick to sweep herself and her accomplice into the air.

Sometimes, like for a few brief seconds as they hit the breeze, Elphaba thought about what would have happened if Galinda said no all those years ago. Where would they be if Galinda didn’t come with her, didn’t take to the skies the moment the Wizard’s men broke down the door of the tower? It was in those moments that Elphaba remembered what loneliness felt like.

But then she would look back at Galinda, riding behind her on the broom and casting spell after spell to keep the Wizard’s men at bay, and just as suddenly as it came, the pang of loneliness would fizzle away.

Elphaba didn’t care that she only had Galinda. She was, after all, Elphaba the Wicked, accomplice and partner to Galinda the Corrupt, and they were the Sinister Sisters of Oz, the Scourge of the Wizard.

What more could she ask for?

And for your next prompt: platonic life partners
Holmes: Punch me in the face.
Watson: Punch you?
Holmes: Yes! Punch me! In the face! Didn't you hear me?
Watson: I always hear "punch me in the face" when you're speaking, but it's usually subtext.
- Sherlock, "The Scandal in Belgravia"

The girl responsible for this atrocity to mankind. And this one. And these

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