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Use this thread to talk about recent stuff you've done in Pokemon games (main and spinoff). [While we had a X&Y Journal Thread, it was more for when the gen was brand new].

Last I played Pokemon X&Y I was breeding a few Pokemon and helped a friend do a trade evolution. Every so often I'll pick up the game and try to breed something decent; I plan to train a bunch of Pokemon in ORAS which I imagine would be more fun to do so than in X&Y. After all, there'd be a lot of secret bases to choose from for battling.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I finally defeated the Elite Four, so now I'm taking a break by just breeding a bunch of cool things that I'm throwing into Wonder Trade. At the moment, it's Snivy! I hope people like them. I probably ought to breed some egg moves onto them or something, but I've just been breeding whatever with Ditto.

And then I'll probably try to get some together for Pokémon Bank that I want to play with in ORAS. I'm getting Alpha Sapphire and I'm sure Mawile is going to be an Omega Ruby exclusive, so I'm going to at least breed a baby from the Mawile that's currently kicking all kinds of butt in my X team!
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Lately with X I've only been getting the event Pokemon (mainly the two Vivillion and Heracross) and catching Pokemon from my friend Safari (recently added you, Camisado!). I did breed a couple of Pokemon for a friend to help her Pokedex.

The last Pokemon game I beat was Pokemon Black, which I already mentioned in the "What are you currently playing" thread. I transferred my team into Pokemon bank.
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High five, Camisado! :D Welcome to the Post Game Club.

Meantimes, update from my end: I've finally put together my first competitive team since Gen III. I tested it yesterday against a meetup group I'm part of, and now that I've got a sense of what needs to be tweaked, I'm trying to breed an Eevee one of them gave me to get ready for a second meetup this coming Sunday.

Let's just say that my team is very pink and very kawaii and extremely difficult to OHKO. >:)

They're totally coming with me to ORAS.
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