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Yadon (means slowpoke)

Gotta like Japan and its weird things, like a sudden reggae video about Slowpoke (or as they call it, Yadon). The video includes the intense stare of furious slowpoke, and circles of slowpoke walking around while biting each other's tails. Oh, and it's on the official Japanese Pokemon youtube channel too.

The Japanese Pokemon site also has a page all about slowpoke... and something about the 8/10 being slowpoke day? How odd.

Stuff like this now reminds me about SLOWPOKETAILS and Azelea Town, and other Pokemon Japan have had a liking for (e.g. Croagunk line).

What do you make of this video and slowpoke in general?
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I watched the video last night, and gotta say it's sure something. XD I really don't have too much feelings over Slowpoke or the Slowpoke line, but I enjoy the Slowpoke episode from the anime that aired long ago.
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