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Poll: Which version are you planning to get?
This poll is closed.
Omega Ruby!
0 0%
Alpha Sapphire!
2 100.00%
0 0%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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ORAS - Which Version?

Simple - which game are you going to get from the RSE remakes, and why?
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I think I'll get Alpha Sapphire. I prefer Kyogre over Groundon and Team Aqua seems a bit more fun to me, haha. While I could get Kyogre in the fourth gen games, my DS Lite is missing (and most likely broken) and my sister had given her 3DS away so I have no way of transferring.
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Alpha Sapphire, without a doubt. I'll probably get Omega Ruby much later on down the line (because Gen III was absolutely my favorite in general), but Alpha Sapphire has to come first. And I say this because:

1. First and foremost, eff yes, Water-types. Or, more like eff yes, Kyogre, who is most definitely the choicest Water-type legendary imo. Yes, Palkia included. Yes, especially compared to Palkia imo.

2. The other Sapphire-exclusives are kinda snazzy, and if they're keeping the version exclusives consistent in the remakes (as they have been for the most part in FRLG and HGSS), then aww yiss, Sableye. And, okay, Seviper and Lunatone too. Idk, I always preferred Shiftry over Ludicolo, but I can't deny how cute Lotad is, so it can come onboard the woo train as well.


4. Nostalgia. I've been in the fandom since Gen I, but Sapphire was my entry into Gen III. I have many a fond memory of playing Sapphire before going to school in my wee teen years. And, hey, it'd be a poetic full circle for one of my Pokémon (my Gardevoir, specifically), given that he was originally caught and raised in a Sapphire run.


I really hope outfit customization is still a thing so I can dress up as a pirate as I beat up pirates. That would be sweet.

Sooooo ... yeah. Sapphire, man. Sapphire.
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Alpha Sapphire is my choice. Comes down to what Jax said in her second point; I liked the exclusives it had over Ruby, but unlike her I much prefer Ludicolo. It's a dancing pineapple mexican duck thing, and that's awesome. There's not much else to it for me though. (I think Ruby might have been the first one I played? Not sure.)
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

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