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BBS Contributions

BBS Contributions

A forum is made by the members, and that means you! If you help the forum gain activity, then you're in line for an achievement as well.

In order to claim your achievement, please link to your contributions if necessary, and post it here. Some achievements may require other proof, and in those cases just refer to the achievement description.

See something missing? Throw a suggestion in our Achievement Suggestion Thread!

Current Achievements:

Referred a member to the forum!
Pointed someone to these forums? Great! If they joined and mentioned your username, you can claim 100 points. They just have to start by posting (say in the Welcome Boat section).

Referred five members to the forums!
Refer five members to the forums - and have them join and introduce themselves in the Welcome Boat - for this award! Worth 300 points.

Advertised the forums/Tumblr/Magazine outside of the BBS!
Advertise one part of The BBS community for points! Just point is to where you are making said advertisment, be it a recommendation/post, banner, userbar or mind control. Worth 100 points, per advertising material.

Make 200 posts!
For every 200 posts, you can claim an additional 50 points. As long as you didn’t spam for them, mind.

Make ten threads!
For every ten threads you make - with at least five replies in them - you can claim 50 points.

Made five suggestions in the Feedback section!
Your suggestions help the community, so every five suggestions you make that are useful (saying 'you should give more points' by itself doesn't count) will get you 100 points.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

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