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Pokémon Merchandise

Pokémon Merchandise

There's an awful lot of merchandise out there for Pokémon, from the really fancy and cuddly plushies, to the hilarious off-model knockoff figurines. This thread rewards you for sharing your collection of Pokémon merch! Handmade stuff also counts!

In order to claim your achievement, please take a picture showing it off, post about it in the Pokémon Discussion section, and link to it here. Some achievements may require other proof, and in those cases just refer to the achievement description.

See something missing? Throw a suggestion in our Achievement Suggestion Thread!

Current Achievements:

Posted about a new acquisition!
Show off the last piece of Pokemon merchandise you have bought in the forums! Then link to the post here for 50 points.

Got five pieces of merch of Pokémon line
If you're a real fan of a particular Pokémon line, then you may go out of your way to get multiple pieces of merchandise of it. Share that collection for 50 points!

Got five TCG Cards of a Pokémon line
There's a lot of trading cards out there. If you have five cards of the same Pokémon line, post a picture of them for 50 points.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

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