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Spinoff Games

Spinoff Games

There are more titles for Pokémon that count as spinoffs than otherwise! From classics like Snap and Pokémon Stadium, to... Hey You, Pikachu... there's a number to try and claim achievements out of.

In order to claim your achievement, please take a picture showing it off, and post it here. Some achievements may require other proof, and in those cases just refer to the achievement description.

See something missing? Throw a suggestion in our Achievement Suggestion Thread!

Current Achievements:

Complete a Spinoff game!
Beaten one of the spin-off titles in full? Then post some proof of it here to claim the award! You can ask what is deemed to have completed a game, but in general, it's doing all the main story events and seeing the credits. Worth 50 points.

Completed five spinoff games!
One is easy. What about five? Complete five games outside of the main handheld titles, and you can get 100 points.

Colosseum/XD: Purify all Shadow Pokémon!
Go above and beyond, and purify every single Pokémon from either of Pokémon Colosseum and XD. They're not going to get better by themselves after all! Worth 75 points.

Ranger - Get all Pokémon!
Who needs a Poké Ball to control Pokemon, when you have circles of friendship? Get all the Pokémon under your control within one of the Ranger games to get 75 points.

Mystery Dungeon - Get all Pokémon!
To befriend all the Pokémon, first you must become a Pokémon. Get all the Pokémon within one of the MD games to get 75 points.

Pinball/Rumble/Scramble/(Battle) Trozei - Get all Pokémon!
Be it through hitting your head on a bumper over and over or button mashing into a bunch of cutesy Pokémon models until they fall over, it's a challenge to get all the Pokémon in these games. Manage it, and get 75 points for your efforts!

Snap: Photograph every Pokémon!
Grab your camera and snap 'em all, including the elusive Mew! Catch every Pokémon in each normal course on film and receive 50 points!

Snap: Find all 6 signs!
It takes a sharp eye to look at a mountain and see a molehill ... or in this case, a Dugtrio. Hunt down and snap each of the six Pokémon signs for 50 points!
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

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