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Older Generation Games

Older Generation Games

Here, you can get achievements for things you do within the main Pokémon games, Generations 1 to 5! That includes RBY, GSC, RSE, FRLG, DPPt, HGSS, BW and B2W2. Achievements include beating the main game, catching all the Pokémon in the respective game's regular or National Dex, and reaching a streak of 50 in the Battle Tower or Frontier!

In order to claim your achievement, please take a picture showing it off and post it here. Some achievements may require other proof, and in those cases just refer to the achievement description.

See something missing? Throw a suggestion in our Achievement Suggestion Thread!

Current Achievements:

Complete the Regular Pokédex!
Gotta catch them all! Obtain all the Pokémon you need to complete the regular Pokédex for the game, if it has one (so 3rd Gen games or onwards only). A picture or few of the dex or the game's professor confirming it is all you need to confirm this achievement. Worth 100 points.

Complete the National Pokédex!
Go above and beyond and get catch all the Pokemon possible for the game you are playing! Get a picture of the dex completed or the professor congratulating you on it. Worth 150 points.

Get a streak of 50 in Battle Tower/Frontier Facility of your choice!
Prove yourself as a true trainer, able to overcome hax of any kind to beat 50 trainers in a row! Get a picture of your best streak for proof. Worth 75 points.

Get a streak of 100 in Battle Tower/Frontier Facility of your choice!
50 is nothing - how about 100? You'll net yourself 150 points for reaching 100 straight wins in any Battle Facility, in any of its modes.

Train a Pokémon to level 100!
Train that Pokémon until it can train no more! Get a picture of your level 100 Pokémon for 50 points. No Rare Candy and Missingno tricks though. That's too easy.

Complete the main storyline!
Get all eight badges in ___ region, defeat Team ___, and become the champion! It's not much more straightforward than that. Post proof that you got into the Hall of Fame in the game you are playing to get yourself 50 points.

Catch a shiny Pokémon!
What's better than stumbling into a Pokémon with that certain sparkle and different colouration and actually managing to catch it? It's that and posting proof of it here to get 75 points! Red Gyarados and other ‘always shiny’ Pokémon do not count however.
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