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Welcome to Achievement Hunters! (Basic explanations here!)

What is Achievement Hunters?
Achievement Hunters is a neat activity meant to reward fans for doing fannish things. Avid gamer? Hardcore anime fan? Dedicated collector? Show off your achievements for fan contributions and earn profile swag in the process!

How does it work?
Throughout this forum, you'll find different threads dedicated to different areas of interest. There are threads for XY gameplay, threads for the anime, threads for manga, and so on and so forth. Each of these threads contains a post listing a set of requirements needed to unlock that thread's award. All you have to do is meet each requirement and post evidence that you've done each one (i.e., "pics/reviews or it didn't happen"). At that point, a mod will come along, verify your evidence, and, if you've completed all the requirements, hand off that thread's award.

So in other words:
1. Find a thread that interests you.
2. Read over the requirements needed to unlock an achievement.
3. Complete each requirement. Post pics, screenshots, or short reviews proving that you've completed a requirement. (You can make each "I finished this requirement" post separate or complete every requirement and post the whole thing in one go. It's up to you.)
4. Wait for a mod to come along and verify your completion.
5. (If you've completed all requirements:) Enjoy your new profile swag!

What do I get?
By completing threads, you earn nifty profile swag in the form of awards. These awards are given out through our shop system in a shiny new category specifically for profile swag like these. Each thread has its own unique award (or in some cases, awards).

(Note! Visual awards to come! Keep an eye on this space for all of the awards you can collect. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

What evidence will you accept?
For gaming and collecting achievements, pics and screenshots are preferred. (Please do not shop your pics. We will check for obvious shopping.)

Gaming achievements can also be verified through gaming logs (e.g., times and descriptions of what you did from one milestone to the next) or reviews of game plot. Heck, you can even create Nuzlocke-esque stories to record your gaming progress.

For all other achievements, reviews would be completely A-OK. Just watched an episode? Just completed a manga chapter? Write up a review mentioning specifics and what you thought. Reviews should be at least one paragraph (four sentences) long to qualify.

Post these pieces of evidence in the thread for the achievement you want to earn. You can do this across multiple posts (i.e., you don't have to post evidence for every single requirement in a single post) if you think it'll be easier on you.

Questions? Comments?
Feel free to leave a note in this thread asking for help!
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