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Tapatalk (mobile forum browser)

Hi guys! Sorry for not really conferring before I did this, but after I did the last system update, I decided to give Tapatalk another shot, since it now allows administrators to suppress the annoying "hey we have Tapatalk" prompt when you land on the forum home page. (We had it on vBulletin and the notification was so annoying that I didn't port it over to MyBB until now).

Basically, if you download the Tapatalk app for your smartphone or tablet, you can add our board by searching for "" in the app and add it to your Tapatalk bookmarks. You can then sign in to your forum account and you can browse, post and reply from there!

Of course the mobile theme is still lovely and still in place, so it's just another option for browsing on your phone or tablet. But I like that Tapatalk gives you system notifications for threads that you've participated in! Also, I clear my cookies so often that I never stay logged in to the mobile website for very long.

Show ContentSample screenshot:

If anyone does see the "Lol hey guys we have Tapatalk" notification when hitting the site from a mobile device, please let me know immediately and I'll fix the plugin, but it shouldn't come up. I want it to be opt-in rather than harrassment.
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