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Mario Kart 8 Direct

Nintendo sprang a surprise direct on us, one for Europe (UK - very british), and one for America.

Included a bunch of stuff on characters (the Koopa kids namely), bike/kart differences, tracks, items (including new ones), samples of the (live recorded) music in the game, wifi info, and a promotion at least for the uk - buy it before July ends, get a download code for another Wii U game (from a range including Pikmin 3, LoZ: WW, New Super Mario U, and Sonic Lost Worlds. AND the US gets the deal too, just froma range of four games (rather than 10 with Europe). No news about Australia yet, sigh.

America got the MK8 Wii U bundle announced. Comes with a wheel + themed wii remote, at $330, as well. Not bad for a nice looking game + a bonus game download, frankly. Now why can't Australia have news of that and have a <$430 price tag =(
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I haven't had time to watch the actual feed or any videos of it, but what I've seen of the news revealed in this, I'm totally awesome'd out. I really, really want that bundle, but I'll have to see what kind of a situation we're going through in terms of funding around July.

The new items seem completely awesome - I'm not entirely sure about the Pirahna Plant, but the boomerang has some strategic value for sure. And the N64 Rainbow Road is making my fingers itch! I'm weird in the sense that Rainbow Road is usually my favorite track in these games, and oh man have you SEEN what that thing looks like? And SOUNDS like? I can't wait to play it!

In general it looks like it's going to be completely gorgeous... MAANNNNN I wish I can afford a Wii U soon!
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