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So, uh, April 1st...

Did anyone do/have done to them any memorable April Fishes? I saw a hilarious post from the "100 000 Strong for Megaman Legends 3" page on Facebook. It said "Megaman Legends 1 and 2 on the PS3!". The game discs were literally on a PS3 system. Also, instead of new Game Grumps episodes, we got 36 minutes of their cats playing, and yes, I watched every minute.

I didn't do anything today. Well, my other forum randomized the titles and descriptions for all the sections, so it was fun seeing what everyone came up with and making it really hard to navigate. I got to come up with the stuff for the writing section, so that was fun.

As far as real life pranks go, I don't do much of those. There was one time I covered almost everything in one of my brother's room with more than a few layers of plastic wrap. When I say everything, I mean everything. His bed, pillow, shoes, trinkets, the door, chairs, his desk, bins, and his bookcase. That's the biggest prank I've ever done. It did take him nearly an hour to get all of the plastic wrap off.

Not a lot this year; most of the pranks I saw online were kinda sad, in the sense that I wanted them to be real (i.e. Google Maps and their Pokemon AR, Firefly getting a second season, etc.), and there were literally no pranks at all in realspace.

Growing up, I'd do things like dye the milk green or leave plastic bugs in the bathroom, which was always fun.
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Oh man, green milk? That sounds totally awesome. I've always wanted to dye food items for no real reason, but (perhaps for this very reason) my parents never had any food dye in the kitchen :( what I did do a couple of times, not just for April Fool's but just in general, was to fill an empty juice or milk carton with water. Ours are never bottles or otherwise transparent, so you pretty much just check that there's something in there by lifting/shaking it and then pour it into your glass. I got some really hilarious reactions a couple of times...

But the best of all the pranks I've ever done was this one time I hid a shovel under the rug to make someone step on it so it flings a tennis ball at them. Yup. Much to my disappointment, my parents actually saw the shover under the rug and didn't step on it, but instead got pissed off at me for making a mess. :D
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I genuinely fell for a joke the Walking Dead comics. But, otherwise, this year was a little... lacklustre.

If I was in uni for April Fools, oh my god that would've been fun. We always do things like one step too far, November 25th we did our own version of christmas, we did a fake new years celebration on the first day back after the holidays. April Fools would have been ripe with practical jokes.
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