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The special challenges thread!

Are you tired of a certain game you love because it's become too easy throughout multiple playthroughs? Well, this is where we come together to be like Nuzlocke and create our own challenge runs for games! Just post the rules and for which game! Let me start:
Megaman X
Other than the intro stage and Chill Penguin's stage, you're not allowed to use your X Buster on regular enemies, and you're not allowed to use special weapons on bosses. This forces you to utilize the crappy special weapons on enemies, and deal with running out of ammo, while making bosses super hard due to the inability to use their weaknesses. Optional "No armour or healty upgrades, or sub tanks" clauses crank the challenge up to nightmare levels.
Name: "X-treme runs"

Ooh, neat idea.

I'll toss this one out that kinda interests me when I thought of it - Wonder Run, for X&Y. In this run, you'd catch six pokemon asap, and then trade them out for six new ones via wonder trade.

Naturally should be restrictions - e.g. get something of a level that's too high, just wonder trade it again. But that's a purely random 'scramble' challenge to enjoy, I imagine.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I like the idea; you could get a bunch of crap and have a super grind filled run, or you could get wonderful Pokemon and blow through the game. I'd try it, but I just restarted my Y to play an Ash Ketchum run, so maybe in the future!

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