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Bye bye, Wi-fi

Nintendo wifi, that is, for DS and Wii games. Basically by May they will switch off the WFC system they have, meaning you will no longer be able to use the internet for DS and Wii titles. That includes the like of Pokémon 4th and 5th gen games (and I think would also stop the likes of pokecheck on that), Mario Kart DS/Wii, and even Super Smash Bros Brawl.

I guess it was going to happen sooner or later - besides, they want to push people to their current gen hardware too.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

So wait, does this mean you can't do GTS, trading or battling in older pokemon games anymore? Even in games so recent as BW2? I mean, this really doesn't make sense. The amount of traffic from older games couldn't possibly be that expensive to maintain for a company like Nintendo. When you release a game that uses online features you should be ready to back that up. And it's not like Nintendo is an MMO company where all their income is garnered from a single game: in that case, if the game fails, there's not enough money to maintain the servers and it makes sense for things to be taken offline. Nintendo's a giant corporation. They could surely dedicate a small corner of their expanding server space to handle old titles.

The story is that the group that they were using, GameSpy iirc, have started closing to new clients and jacked up their prices a heap (as of early last year). Meanwhile contracts and tech issues doesn't make shifting to other servers so easy a project to do...

And B2W2 isn't really so recent going by game terms, especially as it's now an previous gen game on a previous gen console (one of the very last games produced on the DS, on that note). I suppose they just saw the usage of that system dropping and decided to pull out now, and focus on their Nintendo Network for current-gen hardware (i.e. what X&Y uses).

Let's also not forget that it's a service that ran beyond the lifespan of those hardware, and was free to use as well.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Yeah, the 3DS just celebrated its 3rd birthday, so I think this was sort of to be expected on the DS front. Since getting my 3DS, I've barely touched my old DS Lite, superior as it is in ergonomics and stylus placement (WHY DID THEY MOVE IT WHY). Losing the GTS or WFC battling is sad, yeah, but how many people really do that anymore? Plus I assume local battles are still entirely possible?

Meanwhile, the Wii side of this is really troubling. Basically the Wii U has not taken off so far, and it's uncertain if it ever will, after the debacle its advertising has been. Most families and game noobey parents have no idea it's even a new console (tons of people apparently think it's just a new peripheral for the Wii), and they are a huge chunk of the target audience there. Consequently, the Wii still sees a lot of use, and is even the primary console in some households. Killing the online activity there can be possibly a fairly fatal blow, and I'm a bit concerned as to how this is going to affect Nintendo's already declining revenues... :(

But, well, I can also see their need to cut back on expenses after the last market year. I don't know. I desperately want to buy a Wii U, if only to help Nintendo's struggles some.

I mean, it was always free, and Nintendo's online stuff probably will always be free, so even if they close down previous gen wi-fi stuff, they're still miles ahead of XBox in this regard. I just doubt the more casual family players will see it like that. *shrug*
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A part of me is rather sad about this.

I mean, sure I can turn to Pokemon Y, Mario Kart 7, and even Tetris Axis for my online battle needs (provided, of course, if I get bored enough to play online in those games)... but while I don't play my DS and Wii that much, the latter is pretty much the current home console in my house. I wouldn't mind playing Mario Kart Wii and even the Puyo games I own against some friends when they ask, but those days will eventually be over.

Then again, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection has been around since 2005 if I recall correctly, so it was probably bound to go down sometime.
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