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What do you do for a living/plan to do for a living?

Pretty self explanatory - what do you do for a living or plan to do for a living?

At the moment, I am a TAFE student (basically, it's for dumb people like me that couldn't get into uni LOL or at least the course I wanted to do) studying an Advanced Diploma of Justice.

However, I finish that in the middle of this year. After that, I plan to do a University course. TAFE courses are like a pathway into uni courses if you couldn't get in the one you wanted to, if they're pretty similar. I will most likely study a Bachelor of Law or Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice Administration) or if I can get into it, a double degree in Law and Criminology.

Once I'm done with that, I honestly have no idea where I will go exactly, I only have a broad idea. But I honestly wouldn't mind working in the courts, being a police officer or being a solicitor or lawyer - any of them sound cool to me.

And I work a casual job at the moment at this store which sells Japanese products for $2.80 called Daiso. Not that bad of a job, I find it pretty good for a student like me lol.
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Remaining a uni student, starting my PhD within a month now. That'll take three or so years. Just finished Honours for a physics degree (Science Adv. in broader terms) last year which went well in the end but was darn tiring and stressful. ;_;

Also teach karate part-time, although they haven't asked me for much so far this year... will be tutoring at the uni too (1st year students - workshops and hopefully computer labs in 2nd sem again)
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I'm currently enrolled at my local community college because my parents don't have the funds to put three boys through college.

I'm studying to get my AA in creative writing here, and then transfer over to a four year college to finish up my major. I'm not 100% sure on what I want to be, but I'm leaning towards journalist or high school LA teacher. The more I take my intro. to education class though, LA teacher is starting to look pretty good after all.

I don't have a job currently, but plan to get one when summer rolls around. You pretty much have to be eighteen years old to get a job around here, and since I turned eighteen in the middle of summer last year, I hope to have better luck this year.

Well I plan to be a published novelist in the future, but of course, all us writers know that we need a stable day job at the very least to ensure that our bills get paid, so I would love to work somewhere in the biochemistry field. I'm currently in college taking biology, chemistry and literature classes.
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I'm in the process of graduating with my BA in English Literature in the next couple of weeks, and obtaining my visa to move to America. Hence, I don't have proper employment right now, though I do work as a sort of part-time translator for an indie fantasy/sci-fi publisher. I've been trying to find some kind of steadyish part time job that would let me work until summer and then quit without any backlash when I move away from my country, but unsurprisingly enough people aren't too keen on hiring someone who can only work a couple of months, so.

I'm going to be a published sf/ya writer. I'd like to get a MA or possible even a PhD, so continuing my studies is definitely something that's pretty high on my list of priorities. I also need to write, write, write. I technically have four full-length novels mostly all written out, but they need some serious second draft work, and I keep wavering between projects, but I've done some nice progress so far. With any luck, I'll have something I can start offering for publishers by this summer, so that I can start getting my first rejection letters!

While I'm not a writer yet - because those kinds of things often take time, lol - and while I'm studying, I'd probably like to work either at a bookstore, as a translator (since I have the training for that), or as a programmer (since I have a minor in computer science and it's a supremely interesting field). Working in the game industry might be pretty sweet, but it's currently an extremely brutal industry for a programmer so idk. Still, it might be nice to get on one's resume regardless. Maybe I could write scripts?
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