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Rate the signature above you!

TOTALLY not doing this because of my amazing beautiful fabulous new sig! The rules are simple, give the user above you's signature a note out of 10 and explain why! I'll start!
It doesn't exist!

8 out of 10, maybe? The colors are nice and the graphics are generally well made, but I gotta dock some points for the composition being a bit all over the place, and... well, the combination of elements is a bit confusing. I still can't decide if this sig is madness or geniusness. I mean, Wynaut, Zero, and a fire flower all in one place? My brain is experiencing some franchise whiplash... Happydee It's not a bad sig by any means, though. So, I'll give it an 8.
[Image: sentretsig_zps54cdacf8.png]

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