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Art Tracing

I thought I might start a topic about this. I noticed that over on deviantArt there's been a right amount of shouting by people. Apparently someone had reported a tracing of their own art on dA, only for an admin to reject the report. and

dA drama aside though, what are your thoughts on art tracing or similar copy-pasting techniques (what do exist of those, curiously)?
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

The only problem I have with it is when people don't give credit where it's due. If you traced someone's work or just did a re-color, it's best to go ahead and give credit where it's due because you didn't do any of the grunt work.

For example, this is fine:
Quote:Hey Bobandbill! I got you a new avatar! It's just a recolor of [enter whoever drew Bobandbill's avatar (could be you, but the art style looks familiar, like from a comic) name here]'s drawing, but I hope you like it!
[Image: Bobandbill%20avatar%20v2.jpg]
While this isn't:
Quote:Hey Bobandbill! I got you a new avatar! This is 100% made by me with no outside help whatsoever:
[Image: Bobandbill%20avatar%20v2.jpg]
And yes, I did do the recoloring myself! :D

Quote:I noticed that over on deviantArt there's been a right amount of shouting by people.

So what else is new? XD Seriously though, a lot of people swear by tracing as a good form of practice for drawing. I'm skeptical of this myself, because I think it's better to try and translate what you see onto the page without directly copying, since that trains your eyes as well as your hands. To each their own however.

In terms of tracing and claiming that as your own art, even with credit? I don't buy it. It would be like taking someone's fic and changing the font and calling that your own.

Well, I'm going to have to disagree here somewhat. Tracing is a brilliant way to learn, and I attribute a lot of my skill with faces and body proportions especially to tracing. At one point in my quest to learn to draw better, I traced absolutely everything - people's bodies in newspaper ads, pictures in drawing reference books, characters in manga, people in photos... You name it, I traced it. It was hugely useful to my still developing motor skills (I was around 12-14 at the time, I think), and I learned a lot from it. When you just copy by sight, it's very easy to get the proportions wrong, so for the purpose of learning proportions, tracing is quite valuable. It's also useful for learning how clothes fold, etc. So, tracing definitely has its worth, especially when your skill level is still quite low.

Likewise, if you simply trace the pose of a character for your own purposes, I don't think it's the same piece of art anymore. One should definitely give credit for it, because the pose/proportions do come from someone else, but it isn't the same thing anymore. You can arrange the picture differently, you can color it differently, the character itself can look entirely different while still posing the same way, and the background can basically ensure that there's no way these two pictures are the same. I don't personally think you should post these kinds of pictures online, regardless of whether they're traced from an ad, a drawing reference, or someone else's drawing, because tracing is the sort of thing you do for practice. It's kind of like going to a boxing match and just jumping rope instead of fighting the other guy. However, as long as credit is given, and the original artist is ok with it, I don't really see what the issue is. I also don't necessarily see why the artist wouldn't be okay with it. No-one is going to think that the other person did it without help when they actually state it was traced from your work.

But, dA is what it is.

P.S. Slayer, it's from Awkward Zombie, and hence drawn by the talented Katie Tiedrich ;D

Edit: Because I just realized how this could come off, I just want to make it clear that I don't think it's okay to trace, copy, edit, or anything of the sort if the original artist isn't okay with it. I mean you can trace or copy it for practice purposes at home, but in no way, shape, or form is it okay to post it online, credit or not, as long as the original artist says no. I also don't agree with how dA works, because lol at their rules and at their mods, but alas... Not much to be done about that, I guess.
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Sure, tracing's a brilliant way to learn, but there's definitely a difference between doing that and tracing someone's art and claiming that it (the idea, the pose, everything) is yours, which artists on dA tend to do. The issue here is really not so much the fact that the art is traced as it is the fact that the artists post traced work and attempt to pass it off as a completely original creation. And personally, I have to say that the latter (claiming someone else's concept as your own) is generally not cool.

But yes, tracing as practice (or by doing hilarious recolors and whatnot) is a horse of a different color and a perfectly fine and legitimate way of improving one's art skills. *nod*
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I'd say tracing is okay for beginners and whatnot, but as long as it goes unpublished, or at least credited.

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