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Hey o/

Can't remember if I had made an account here, or if I just knew of it, but hey! o/

For those of you who were on PFU, I was Tyro/MTSP~

Username is Nahuatl for Blue.

Er, guess some people would like some information about me, maybe? Er,
  • I'm 18, male, English
  • I'm going to start studying Physics at the University of Oxford come September 30th
  • Lanturn deserves an evolution

I guess, that's it, yeah. So, y'know, hi o/

Hello! I might have known you from PFU but I wasn't very active and it feels like years ago now! I was 'melbourne' and then I was Camisado. :)

Congrats on getting into Oxford! I'm also English... I skipped university when I was 18, but I'm doing an Open University IT degree now. Are you moving in at the moment? Seems like the local freshers are! (I'm in Dorset - Bournemouth Uni is getting busy!)

Anyway yeah it's lovely to see you! Hope you enjoy your time here. C:
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Hey there! I'm starting college as well, but I start on the 23rd instead. One week to go! I'm starting off with some writing classes, but I'm not 100% sure what I want to get in a degree in just yet.

I hope you enjoy your time here! You can contribute to the magazine, but we'll be just as happy if you decide to contribute to the various topics on here was well. Oh, and I do think Lanturn could use an evolution as well. See you around!

Hi! I wasn't from PFU but this certainly seems to be a gathering spot for old members from there every now and again...

I hope you enjoy these forums at any rate!

Also - heck yeah, Physics. *doing uni study on that myself* And I'm pretty partial to Lanturn's line myself.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

*feels so very young still being in high school*
So, yeah, welcome, I like Lanturn as well (third gen representin'). I hope you like it here, and, uh, what's PFU?

Quote:and, uh, what's PFU?
An old Pokemon forum. It was, from what I've heard, pretty big back in the day, but it fell over. There's some history in that, but maybe that's best for another discussion.

Jax was an admin there, I believe? And a bunch of members here used to be there too.
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Oooh I should say welcome! Unfortunately, I never got a chance to be at PFU... still, welcome! jsyk Lanturn should be getting a Mega-Evolution XD But yeah I agree with that since Lanturn looks sooooooooooo second-stage

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