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How to Contribute!

Hi! This thread is here to simply provide an outline of how we go about writing up articles for Wynaut?. If you have any questions, you can also ask them in this thread.

The first step in writing an article is not to write the article, but to share the idea for it! Make a thread (via the New Thread button) and pitch the idea to us. Give a general outline - what will you write about? What will be the style of it - like an interview, or an analysis? Serious, or comedic? Maybe a balance between those? And so forth.

The reason for this is so we can offer advice and feedback for the idea. We want to keep the focus to Pokemon-related information, and in case the idea doesn't get through, you wouldn't have wasted all that time and effort writing the article in the first place.

On that note, please be flexible about your idea. Be open to suggestions from others, and maybe take some things out if they don't really fit in or take it in a different direction. After all, we may need to limit the scope of the subject to avoid the article becoming a full-blown novel, or on the other side of the spectrum add a wider scope to avoid the article being too brief or broad. Even those who may have contributed many articles in the past are expected to follow this procedure.

But what can you write about? Well, as long as there's some link to Pokemon (and by that, we don't mean 'GTA is a video game like Pokemon so here is my guide to GTA'), it's likely good! You can talk about features from the games, the anime, or the manga that exists. You can talk about music, or graphics! We're also a magazine about creating works - so talking about other creative works or making guides to writing or drawing about Pokemon is especially welcome. You can even create things and have them go up - say a mock interview or short story, or even a conspiracy theory for fun about Pokémon. Have fun with what you want to make! And if you're short of ideas, browsing previous articles and threads here may help give you an idea as well.

After an idea has had approval, you can write the article and post a draft either within the same thread or in a new one (that is up to yourself). Other writers will then proofread and make suggestions for edits and additions, as well as images (if applicable). Once that is done, the story will be put into the queue for posting on the article by an admin.

If you wish to offer your thoughts on other articles, jump on in! Just remember to be constructive in giving feedback. Try to avoid just saying 'I like it' or 'I hate it', as it's not useful for anyone and won't get you credited for helping edit the article. =p
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