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Writing is one my strength and I would love to be able share my expertise and opinion about pokemon with the rest of the world.When I saw a link to write articles I immediately clicked the link. I will being write articles asap.

Hi there, Taco! I approve of your choice of username as it is delicious. =)

Welcome to the forums, and I'll go check out that thread you made in the magazine too!
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By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I also agree that tacos are delicious. I had some just last weekend!

It's nice to meet you and we all look forward to your contributions! :D
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Tacooooooossss... *suddenly hungry*

Yay more writers! Welcome to the boards, TACO, I hope you'll have fun writing articles for the magazine :3 Looking forward to seeing more from you!
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Welcome... Got somethin that might interest ya, heh heh heh. Whaddya buyin?

Welcome to the forums! I'm looking forward to see some of the things you come up with.

Welcome to the forums, TACO! A wonderful time to welcome you, since I'm sitting here hungry. Looking forward to reading your articles!

Hi Taco, welcome to the forum! Glad to see you already plan to contribute to this lovely little community. We would absolutely love to have that! :)

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