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A new store!

Richard Fightmaster saved every penny and managed to garner enough points via the forum point system to buy his own store. And he's the first one to do so! BIGO

He's selling Pokemon (as in the kind you can get from a trade in 5th gen games), so check it out if you are interested!

Shop system link:
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Darn, my lack of wi-fi prevents me from taking advantage of this moment. Next time I find myself over at my cousin's house I'll have to ask for some pokemon because I really want to build my grass, NU, and OU teams on my DS, just in case my college has a pokemon club. Breloom must be mine! I must have the ability to annoy my opponent with spores outside of simulators! In other words, I'll make sure to place an order when I can get some wi-fi.

BTW, since I have to get something in return, as it's a trade, you guys can just send a Patrat or something you just have lying around.

Nice work. Maybe I'll end up using your services myself, we'll see! If so, you'll probably end up with a whole bunch of Shinx, since I have like three boxes of those after my massive Shinx breeding operation. Many of them have very nice IV's, too, but were left in the box-oblivion because of Rivalry. That ability is like the bane of my existence now... Congratulations on getting your own store, and being the first person around to do so! We might have to devise some kind of medal for you or something, for finally giving some love to the shop system :D But I'll have to get back to you on that!
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