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Hello BBS! I just found your blog 'zine by following a link from a forum signature link (bobandbill's). What really caught my eye was that this is a place for Pokemon creativity. What a wonderful idea!

There's times when my Pokemon obsessions wane, but it's always at the core of what I love to read, draw, and game. :D With the new XY incoming, there's a whole slew of new Pokemon to learn and draw and I am SO excited!!

I was wondering if this would be a place where I can share my fanart, and maybe even help out some people if they have requests, or the 'zine wants something specific, etc? I usually tend to draw "realistic" interpretations of Pokemon (what they'd look like if they were actual animals), but I also love drawing them as the little cartoon-like cuties they are.

Hi there! Hurrah for my signature. =p

Welcome to the BBS. This is most certainly a place where you can share art, so if you wish to share any post them in the visual art section! And the magazine could use with some more illustrations or even pieces about drawing. We also have the fandex which could use a restart in activity.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Bobandbill's signature draws another person here! I also found this site through that signature, except it was on Pokecommunity.

Anyway... Like what BobandBill said, this is most definitely a place to share drawings. The fandex could also use some more love. I would draw for it myself, but I can't draw. Welcome to the forum and hopefully you can find a happy home here!

Greetings, fellow humanoid. The fandex does indeed need more love, and it's good somebody's here to do that. I hope you enjoy it here, and maybe you could contribute an article or two. Because we like writers.

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