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Magazine feedback...?

Hey guys, I received this to my personal email address and wasn't sure who else would get it, so figured I'd post it here. Feel free to move the thread if necessary.

Quote:Hello there, I'm a frequent reader of BBS and well, I have a few things to say.

1) More frequent articles.
Seriously, there are not enough articles. Do some more top 10's, or some conspiracy theory pieces of the Pokemon world, maybe even a little X and Y coverage.

2) More Publishers
I've noticed that every article that I've seen is written by the same person. If you're short staffed you should really look into getting some more help with the site, whether that means hiring someone or just getting someone with too much spare time.

3) New Format
Don't get me wrong, I love the way the articles are written and the use of pictures but, perhaps a new, more attractive format would do some good.

Well, that's all I've really got to say. I do love the site, and everything that you're doing. Keep up the amazing work!


It's...not outstandingly helpful?
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Quote:It's...not outstandingly helpful?
To say the least. =p

We have hardly anyone on the forums to begin with, and they seem to think that we go out and hire people...? @_@ It's all voluntary. =p I'll also be moving this to the magazine section in case anyone wants to throw some ideas.

At any rate:
1 - well, if any of the other staff/members have time to make more articles or just post feedback or ideas for articles, that'd be cool. At the moment though we're just going with something every week or two, because at this rate we still usually have something to fall back on, and there's not enough to go faster than that without easily running out of stuff.

2 - easier said than done. :V I've got the link to it in my signature on various forums, but idk how we can go out and advertise it without actually breaking other forum advertising rules... still, I suppose if any of you know other people who like writing or even art then don't be afraid to ask them to come and have a go.

3 - What sort of format...? That's too vague to know in what way a different format should be considered and so forth.
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Re, #2: I don't understand what this point is on about anyway. We have several writers who are all clearly credited at the end of each article, not just one person doing every article, and it's not that difficult to find articles that are written by other people. We may have one account that posts these articles, but that's because Marcin posts all of them, and if it's more of an issue that one person comes up with a lot of article ideas that gets approved, it would be highly unreasonable to tell them to stop posting, even if we did have a massive staff.

Re, #3: I'm assuming they want the magazine in different forms, such as PDF/EPUB/MOBI formats. Which would be do-able if we had more of a structured publication and enough articles to constitute a timed (monthly, quarterly, etc) release along with enough artists or photographers to prevent it from being a very plain-looking thing with graphics and fanart relevant only to articles (as opposed to the magazine's general theme). Except we don't because our article submissions line doesn't work that way, and I don't think our contributors who are also artists have the time or energy to produce graphics sets for an e-publication that would need to go through approval processes anyway.
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Hmm. That is definitely some feedback right there.

1 - we're doing our best. I'd love to write more top 5/top 10 articles, but they take a lot of time to write because of the amount of research that goes into it. Also, it's not entirely easy to come up with ideas for that. I'm definitely open to new ideas, if someone wants to drop them in the top 5 articles thread. I can't speak for anyone else, but ideas generally aren't that easy to come by necessarily... So help is often useful!

2 - I think this is a case of mixing the poster of the article with the writer of the article. We have at least four common contributors now, but bnb is the one who posts everything on the site. So maybe that's the issue here? We do write who the author of the article is, but... Maybe it should be close to the top of the article, or such? So it's more visible? But, yeah, we don't really have the capability to HIRE anyone. I'm personally pretty happy with the volume of contributions we're currently getting.

3 - A layout overhaul? Or changing the site's look somehow? We could maybe do a new banner or something, and change the colors around a bit... but I see no reason do that. Unless someone with banner skills is especially interested in making a new banner. Bay made the current one, didn't she? If she feels like making a new one, then I'm cool with that. But I really don't think there's any particular problem with the site's look. So, maybe this person meant something else, and in that case I have no idea what we could do about it.

But hey, look, we have readers!
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1) I'm with An-chan on this one. I don't get a lot of ideas for articles so when I do I rush here. Maybe we can convince this person to join us and give us some new ideas? Probably not going to happen, but it's a thought.

2) Okay people, we're going to start collecting donations from everyone so we can start hiring. :P
This person probably thought this is an actual business. I wouldn't mind getting paid for this.

3) The person might be referring to the way the magazine displays the articles. I have no quarrel with the current format, so I can't think of how to improve that.

It's nice to know we have faithful readers. Even if they respond with extremely vague feedback.

I wouldn't mind being payed for this, after all, we are famous authors! Jk, but seriously, I think this person has absolutely no idea how this magazine works, nor how hard we work. Whenever I get an idea, I write an article, as I'm sure you all do. As for the whole format change thing, this format is fine. I really have no idea what he meant, as I've never encountered any problems with the format.

Anni, yeah I did the original banner with your art in it. I'm okay doing a new banner, but like you I don't think there's no need for a new one yet.

Like everyone else, don't see anything wrong with the format.
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