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Help with book ideas?

So I started writing a book and I'm stuck. The problem lies when a single dad, who is gone all day from work, gets a day off and wants to take his two kids somewhere special. I'm having trouble where that somewhere special is. The family doesn't have a lot of money and the kids are aged seven and twelve. Can you guys help me with where a poor single dad could take his kids to have a memorable day?

A park or the such could be fun if they bring with them things to do. Would fit in the doesn't-have-a-lot-of-money point, and the 'take them somewhere special' is more what they do makes the place special. Maybe a bit sappy but then that may be the angle you're going for? =p
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I thought about a park, but thought that it might be a little generic. Then again the father is gone all day so maybe I should work more of the dad finally gets to spend some time with his kids, then the taking them somewhere awesome angle. The book does include some sappy moments so I think it could fit right in. I'll continue thinking about it.

Public pools are an idea, but I don't know how that works with lizard people (I assume it's the same story, because it sounded like that). When I was growing up, we were pretty poor and we used to mainly go to parks and then do sort of day trips to the library to get cool books and movies and such and then share them with each other at home. Beach is also a thing, depending on your location.

Meanwhile, you could also get away with saying he puts some of his money aside to spend time with his kids, and have the whole family go see a movie or eat something tasty or visit like a small amusement park or such. It all depends on what you'd like them to do, really. Maybe even some sort of a roadtrip, to see a grandparent that lives further away could be a nice thing. Still assuming this is the story you've posted here, maybe they could all go visit his late wife's grandparents who live in another city or outside the city or somesuch? That would give you a nice chance to let the readers see more about what she was like prior to her death, and so on. And maybe also include some exposition about the living conditions of the lizard folks outside of cities, for a wider scope of worldbuilding. How would that work?
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Yes, it is the same story so your suggestions go pretty well with what I'm stuck with. These are some good ideas I'm receiving here. I haven't even thought about visiting parents. I'll have to sleep on it and see if an idea sticks out. Thanks you guys!

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