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Pokémon Drabble Rally

Welcome to the world-famous drabble thread!

Drabbles are stories or story fragments of 100 words. Not 95, not 105, but exactly one hundred words worth of narrative. They are quite challenging to write, but it's a fun way to practice writing and very accessible to both new writers and old veterans. The point of this thread is to keep a chain of prompts going - you use the prompt posted before you, write your drabble, and leave a prompt for the next person. The prompt can be a single word or a very short phrase, and it can either be the theme or subject of the drabble, or you can simply include the word in your piece. (As in, if your prompt is "green", you can either write about something green or simply include the word green somewhere in your drabble.) The maximum number of words in a prompt is three - if they get any longer, stuffing them into that 100 words is going to be a huge challenger.

Nobody is checking the word count of your drabbles, but I trust that you all follow the rules according to your conscience. If a posted drabble is obviously much longer than it should be, I reserve the right to get rid of it so that people who actually follow the rules can claim the prompt.

Subject is free - Pokémon-related drabbles are preferred, but original pieces and other fandoms are also okay, as long as it doesn't get so obscure no-one can understand what's happening.

So, to repeat:
1. Get prompt
2. Write 100 words about it and paste that to your post
3. Add a new prompt to the end of your post

If there's no new drabble for a full day, you can claim your own prompt and post your own drabble about it!

Any questions can be posted here or messaged to me, however you want.

So, let's start! The first prompt is:

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- Also in charge of some stuff -


The Ballad of the Unchosen Starter

Loneliness, pain, misfortune, anger. These are the emotions of the unchosen starter, be it the mediocre Mudkip, the charming Charmander, or the grass lacking Totodile, these are the Pokemon that are weak to those chosen by the player. They experience regret, shame, and an unbearable agony that is unmatched in all of the possible sorrows of the miserable world of Pokemon. They are destined to sit alone in a Pokeball for eternity. If anyone should ever try to collect their Pokeball, the prospective trainers are rejected and scolded, with claims of them “being greedy”. And thus ends this dreadful tale.

The next prompt is greed

You want more, you need more. You're never satisfied with what you have for long. Something new, something shiny comes along. You work overtime, harder, and smarter. Then, it starts to consume you. You have to have the newest thing, the best thing. You will do whatever it takes to get it. You hurt people, friends, and family. Look how well you're doing. Look at all the new gadgets you have. No one can say you don't work hard. Look at all the people you burned. No one can say you're happy. Look at what you've become, you've become greed.

The next topic will be fire.

Energy, heat, passion, anger. These things crackle through my mind like a fire. Burning away, eating away, reducing everything to ashes. From destroyed forests with dead Oddish to the determination to finally defeat the Pokemon League, fire leaves a trail through everything it touches. A noble Charizard spews flames about, as if it was nothing, but it symbolizes all that is right and all that is wrong. Creation, destruction, it all started and it all ends with a flash, a fire. Fire gives life to many, such as Cyndaquil, and it takes it all away for others, is it right?

Might as well make the next topic water

Drip. Drip.

You sigh. You can't sleep in the first place, and the leaky tap isn't helping matters.

Drip. Drip.

Really ought to get that fixed. But lord knows you can't afford to throw about much money to fix things like this. And there's no chance you could do it yourself. Poking it with a hammer didn't do a thing.

Drip. Drip.

You roll over and try to use the pillow to dampen the sound.

Drip. Drip.

No use. You resign yourself to aimlessly staring at the ceiling.

Drip. Drip.

Maybe counting them will put you to sleep.

Drip. Drip.


Go for orange.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

The tools were too archaic to perform the ritual in the proper fashion. An oversight in the planning of such an event, but one that could not be circumvented once the ritual had begun. Granted, the deed itself was by no means modern, something evident in the way the chalk circle was drawn. In fact, the age of the ritual itself caused such instruments to be rendered obsolete. Even the chalk was a substitute.

As the cult's chief had said, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But when you get an'd better hope it's a blood orange."


The next prompt shall be radioactive! :D
Hopefully not literally. I wouldn't want to be held responsible for that.

The waves and rays flow through me. Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Such harmless names for something so destructive. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, destroyed in a flash. The pilot of “Enola Gay” flying out of the shockwave on that August day changed the course of history forever. From then on, wars went from threatening to kill millions to threatening to destroy the very fabric of nature. How is something so unjust able to thrive and be held by all of the major powers of the world? It’s truly a mystery, and yet it continues up to this very day… it just seems wrong.

The next prompt will be Insomnia

I'm sorry I made it so obscure. I'm just curious what you guys'll come up with.

Would you seek to thwart me from reality? Would you wish to see my dreams continue, my nightmares to grow? This curse of sight, of breath and of mind is too painful to bear. You fools call it insomnia, that is a lie. You know what it really is, it is a trap, it is a container. Do you not understand why we must die? The life we lead on the surface is fake, it is obscuring our true selves. Sleep fuels our twisted minds further. I would know. I have seen both sides, have you?

I need to wake.


Ze next prompt shall be lightning.

My realm. My domain. Who is the one that dares to make thy presence among where I tread? Who dares disturb my abode and foul it? Who dares to breathe my air?

You shall face the wrath of my anger; the judgement bestowed from the heavens! Mere mortal, crouch before my power! What reason possessed you to assume equality to a god? To me?

An evil like you should be smote, cleansed from existence. By the spearhead of my judgement, you shall be punished and banished to oblivion! May the lightning be a warning to all mortals filled with folly.

Next prompt: Empathy
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