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Writer's block

So if you have ever tried writing before then you probably have encountered a strange funk where no ideas seem to stick and you can't seem to settle on a topic or how to continue. So my question is how do you people get past the dreaded writer's block? Is there some weird ritual that you perform to get ideas flowing, or do you just wait for ideas to come?

Take a shower. I know that sounds weird, but almost every idea I've ever had came to me when I was in the shower. In fact, both of the articles I wrote that got published to Wynaut? were shower ideas. Seriously, try it.

I've never thought of taking a shower before and that actually makes sense. I mostly just wait it out, or just tough it out and revise the rough patch later.

I too pretty much wait it out or write whatever and then edit later too. Otherwise sometimes I might speak to a beta or friend over my ideas and we would brainstorm.
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Ha, I usually don't have precisely this problem. My issue is that while I'm in the middle of something, I get other, SHINIER ideas and then I lose all will to write the first thing. I try to concentrate on it, but all I can think about is the new idea. Inevitably I switch from the current project to the new one, and then the same process repeats. The good side of this is that I never really stop writing something at least, but then I also never finish anything... I've been trying to work on better concentration skills. So far, no progress. We'll see I guess.

That said, that's a pretty good way to fight writer's block: write something else for a change. Maybe just a drabble, or a tiny bit of another story. Just something to give you a breath of fresh air so you can concentrate better on your other project again. Sometimes we just really need breaks.

Another method I recommend is reading something similar. Like, say you're writing sci-fi and get stuck. You should find a sci-fi novel, either one you've read and loved or else something entirely new, and read that. If it's really good, it'll usually inspire you to write. If it's really crappy, it'll inspire you anyway - at least I start thinking about all the ways I could have written it better than the author did! :D But reading is something that's always worked well for me personally. Showers, too, are a good one.
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I just remembered another thing that works very well for me. It's just a little psychological thing that tricks you into really get into "creative mode". Rest a pencil on your ear. The weight has a pleasant feeling, and I just feel so much more creative. I don't know, I'm just weird. Most people just wait things out, but I prefer to be in control of a situation, and it feels like little things really do help.

An-chan, I think I suffer from the same problem as you on the constantly getting new ideas while I'm writing something else. Maybe the same trick I do will work for you? My trick is that I immediately write down somewhere the plot of the idea and a few details about it and maybe a title. That usually gets the new idea out of my system and I can concentrate on the work at hand.

I only tend to find it difficult to write when I'm not under a deadline or some other pressure. I write fantastically well during NaNoWriMo, but outside that I just don't find the motivation...! Usually, I go work on another part of the story, because I tend to write out of order and piece it all together later. That, or, like An-chan says, another story or other creative thing entirely.

I tend to listen to music and kind of build a "soundtrack" or other playlist for the story I'm currently working on. That tends to get me thinking.

I actually had a scene that I was stuck on recently in a fanfic for another fandom... I ended up just deleting the scene and moving on! Sometimes, it just means that the part isn't working in the story. In my experience, anyway.
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