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Posting Blitz June '13!

Welcome to the Posting Blitz!

So what's the Posting Blitz?

An event where basically the aim is to make as many posts as possible. Post in threads, make new threads, contribute to other events, and so forth! The event runs for a full week as of the postage of this thread.


- No spam posts. These just get deleted and may land you in trouble.
- Other BBS rules also apply.
- To join, post here and state how many points you have at the time of posting.
- The person with the most points gained by the end of the blitz (by the start of the 29th of a currently undetermined time zone) wins.
- Posting/posting in specific threads and events will net you extra points!

Current settings are:
- A post gets you one point (or dollar).
- Making a new thread gets you three!
- Other things like referrals (ie having people mention your username when they join the forum), contributing to a poll, etc gets you points by the system as well.

How to join
Just make a post here giving your intention to take part and include your current points score when you make the post. I'll take it from there. We're going by points gained during this time period, so how many you have beforehand doesn't matter. If you wish to make things easier and list things that you feel would get you more points as well you can do that too in your post (which you can edit anytime).

Extra Points
Note these will be manually added by myself, so they will not come into effect when you make these posts at first.

Contributing meaningfully to Magazine threads nets you two extra points each post.

Posting new threads in Writing, Art or Other Creations sections (e.g. a story, or Let's Play, etc) gets you 6 points rather than 3. Posting meaningful reviews for work also gets you three points as opposed to one. And an addition to the Fandex also gets you an additional 5 points per submission not already there.

Events may also come with their own bonus point prizes (e.g. the battling comp may end up with prizes for points).

These are still being sorted out. If you'd like, post what you think you should get! This can vary from fancy profile things, extra points to be used in a system, the ability to host your own forum event of some kind, and so forth.

I can give out shiny Pokemon if people like this (5th gen games only).

Good luck to everyone!

An-chan [542]
Bay Alexison [236]
bobandbill [Started with 606]
Latios [248]
Richard Fightmaster [114]
Slayr231 [96]
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I'm in, starting with an (not really) astonishing 114 points.

I started with 96 points.

I have...248 points to start!

Signing up too! I have 236 points to start.
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“Now my friends, I think this calls for a toast. We’re embarking on something truly great here. Be prepared for what’s coming.”

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Whoops, I wasn't thinking and posted before signing up, lol. Weeeelll, I'm sure I can catch up. At the moment of this posting, I have 541 points, plus this post so 542!
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- Also in charge of some stuff -


So, is the blitz over? If so, then I had a very good time, what with the constant blue Wynauts and battling and such. So, yeah, I hope everybody else had a good time.

Might give it another half a day, and final points may need to wait too given the battle comp as that's still ongoing/hasn't yet had battle points decided upon.
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

The battle Competition will still go on for a while. We still need to finish up some battles and once that's done I'll start voting on the special awards.

Well, while that continues, I'll just do the simple part of the calculations:

An-chan: Gained 41.
Bay Alexison: Gained 17.
Latios: Gained 6.
Richard Fightmaster: Gained 104. [!]
Slayr231: Gained 52.

This isn't counting points for taking part in special threads (like the comp), or for creating threads/posting in sections for bonus points. Also not bothering with myself as I can hardly give myself my own shinies and whatnot. =p
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Yay! I get an exclamation point!

Sweet, I'm in second so far! This was pretty fun. I was skeptical at first at how this would actually boost threads and be fun, but I had a good time and am looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for being patient with the battle competition. I know it's taking a while, but we're getting closer to being done with every battle!

I'm sorta considering having monthly awards of frequent posters, but that has a few issues - besides the obvious 'what sort of awards' deal (bonus points? free item from the general store? =/), there's no seemingly quick an easy way to see how many posts someone made in a month, so it'd have to be manually checked. Which isn't too hard given the size of the members who actually posted last month, to be fair. =p
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

You know, there's probably some kind of plugin for that kind of thing. Alternately, we could make it by sign-up only - if you didn't sign up for posting prizes to let us keep track of the number of posts you have, then tough luck. It may not be as fair, but then also people uninterested in the whole thing didn't have to feel like they were forced to "compete" or something. I also thing we should probably include some kind of cutoff number, like if everyone posted less than ten times that month, no-one gets a prize, even if they did technically post the most out of everyone. Or something. For prizes, we could give out 100 or so credits/pokedollars/whatever we call them again every month, and just work on having more shops and more interesting things to purchase.

But hey, nice job everyone! I'm glad I was defeated so squarely by not one but two people, despite posting quite a bit. That's what we call progress, folks. I enjoyed following all the games and threads everyone came up with, and I definitely had fun here last week. So, all in all, I feel this was a success!
[Image: sentretsig_zps54cdacf8.png]

- The Sentret Moderator -
- Reads, writes and draws -
- The resident fan of Sentret -
- Also in charge of some stuff -


Just so everyone knows, the shop will be at least a bit better, as I am opening a Pokemon shop named "Richard's Magikarp Shop". I will sell lots of different Pokemon, with varying qualities, from shinies, to Pokemon with IV's of 31 across the board, to Pokemon with egg moves already. And, as a bonus, all of them will be EV trained so that you don't have to!

Long overdue bonus points, including battle comp stuff as supplied by Slayr231.

An-chan: Gained 41 + 10 + 10 = 61.
Bay Alexison: Gained 17 + 10 + 5 + 2 = 34
Latios: Gained 6 + 10 = 16
Richard Fightmaster: 104 + 20 + 10 + 12 = 146
Slayr231: Gained 52 + 20 + 10 + 12 = 94

So in order:

Richard Fightmaster (146)
Slayr231 (94)
An-chan (61)
Bay Alexison (34)
Latios (16)

I've applied the bonus points already, and on top of that the prize points (bit smaller than last time given there were only 5 participants):

1st - Three shiny Pokemon of their choosing from me, extra 75 points
2nd - Two shiny Pokemon, extra 50 points
3rd - One shiny Pokemon, extra 25 points

Everyone for participating (on top of above prizes): 25 points (that is, need to have posted here saying you were partaking in the posting blitz).

I know some people don't have access to wifi, but I can hold on to these shiny Pokemon indefinitely, so! Pick your stuff.

Stuff with a * next to it I received from a trade, stuff without is chained or caught by myself. I can provide more info on request too if that is wanted.

Show ContentSpoiler:


So, any more thoughts on trying to have this as a monthly thing to a smaller extent as mentioned above?
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

I get three shinies! COOL!
Vibrava [!]
Thanks, bob and/or bill!

(notice I picked Shinx so Anni can have Luxray)

I think I should also note that cloning is doable so double picks can be done too. :V
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

Oh wow, thanks Richard :3 You can pick the Luxray if you want, though, because I already have a shiny one (that I got from bnb, lol), and I don't really need a second one. I think I'm going to go for an Eevee myself (again), because of all the nice possibilities and awesome eeveelution shinies. Since it has no star, is it possible to get a nickname? Also, this might take a while, because I don't really know how my DS will work with the wifi here, so we might have to wait until I'm home to do any trades (that'll be a little over two weeks). Thanks, as always, for providing the fruits of your own labor as a prize. We all appreciate it a lot :3

I'd be up for making this a monthly thing for points or somesuch. Should we look into an appropriate plugin, or shall we make it by sing-up only? I think I could contribute to the interest of the shops with one particular idea as well. Don't staffers get to put up a shop without purhcasing ones? Or was that the old rules? I gotta go dig around a bit, methinks. But yes, in general I think we should do this.

Man, I used a lot of parentheses in this post. *shudder*
[Image: sentretsig_zps54cdacf8.png]

- The Sentret Moderator -
- Reads, writes and draws -
- The resident fan of Sentret -
- Also in charge of some stuff -


(But parentheses are cool)

{Especially these ones}

I think we should look at a plugin if one exists, and if not then we'll just go manual. As for shop purchasing, I think you and I can easily afford a few now, haha.

I'll see if the Eevee is nameable (would probably require myself shifting it back to its original 4th gen game first).
[Image: suisdbsf.png]
By TwilightBlade of PC. =D

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