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I'm currently making...

A Pokemon Emerald hack. When I finish it, could I upload it here?

Hmm. I'll leave this for Kelly (Camisado) to answer as she's the one paying for the server and hence the one allowing what stuff can be posted on the forums! After all roms hacks are a bit more iffy with the copyright than your general fanfic or whatnot.

On the other hand, if they haven't even come after the likes of say pokecommunity with hacks and as long as you're not trying to make money off of it I don't think there should be any problem with it. But her call.

On the subject of the hack itself, what changes did you make to the Emerald game in your hack?
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Hey Richard, I'm really sorry but I'm afraid I'm not allowed to host stuff like that on my webspace, but you are welcome to post a link to the download from here - at another hosting service like mediafire or something like that. It's a combination of my host's terms and conditions, and UK copyright law, as the server is hosted over here. Interestingly, I know this because someone uploaded one without my knowledge and I got told off when they saw people downloading it! So thank you very much for thinking to ask first.

I'd be super excited to see and play your hack, though, if you show it off here. Apologies again for the trouble.
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Alright, Camisado. I'll find a site for file uploading when I finish it. Thanks for telling me that. Bobandbill, ths hack has changed EVERY Pokémon, including movesets, base stats, and some times even names or evolutions. The Pokédex entries have all been changed, and are very humorous. However, be warned, some of the entries could have mild obscenities, but nothing major. I'm making it possible to catch every Pokémon, and all of the wild Pokémon have been changed. Many of the maps will be altered, and it always annoyed me how map names were 'Route 101' 'Route 116' etc. and I changed them to Route 1, Route 16, etc. There's also a cave in Emerald that is unlocked after beating the E4, but it's full of Zubat! So I put all of the Kanto and Johto legendaries there.

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